samedi 19 février 2011

Swan down......................

It`s been one of those weeks! Chaos reigns at the chateau with the building work and I fell off the steps like an idiot and twisted my foot. Not a sideways twist but a front twist like a ballerina on her points! There was a strange crack, my foot instantly went black and became huge! I was still able to walk so just assumed I had pulled something.

Three days later I was looking at how the builder has progressed, caught my foot on a piece of wood and did exactly the same thing! Needless to say I then found it really difficult to stand on the foot at all!

So a visit to Docteur Sophie was arranged and Mark came into the surgery with me just in case there were any French medical terms we needed to translate together. As is the norm here in France pets sometimes go to work with their owners. So whilst Docteur Sophie examined my foot, her huge labrador humped Mark`s leg and I was trying to keep a straight face as I could see Mark trying to dislodge his new amour!

Docteur Sophie said she thought I had a fracture and despatched me to the local clinic for an X-ray.

Later in the day I was much relieved to find there is no break or fracture and I was sent away clutching my x-rays to keep as a memento ( why?!). I never realised I had such long toes before!!

So...... all I can say is fortunate I turned down the lead roll in the new film "Black Swan". How could I have managed to keep up the filming schedule and keep brocanting with an injured foot? Admittedly like all famous ballerinas I would have liked to have a pudding named after me but sadly it is not to be.

Michael Flatley is also going to be devastated when he realises I will not be his leading lady in the Riverdance tour this year.

But talking of black swans I am listing the most amazing feather plume millinery wings today. All from the early 1900s and probably purchased to embellish the most decadent of hats.

Shame......................I could have worn them in the film!!

A la prochaine mes belles and may all your pavlovas be big ones!

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh Shirley that's clog dancing out for a bit as well !
    I love your Blogs and wish I lived close enough to drop in for coffee, you would brighten any day
    xx see you soon
    Vintage in Village Hall ?? xxLinda

  2. Definately vintage in the village hall for a tutu!!

  3. Glad to hear the foot is OK but the the x rays,!! .....too much information I feel like I know you at a deeper careful and bon courage with the building. xx

  4. Good job they weren`t looking for my brain...........would have been blank!!!!

  5. Ohh Shirley what dainty matatarsals you have! Your reputation goes before you, I was talking to a lady today (in Brissol) that also reads your blog, (hi Maggie), and like me falls about clutching our sides when reading about your adventures!
    mmmmm a pudding named after you..... "Black Country Tart?" cheeky I know, but then so are you. Take care next time you are hassling poor M. Le Builder.
    T xxx

  6. Well! I would say I have never been called that before.....................but I`m not sure!!!! Can I now be called a French Fancy?


  7. Oh forgot...when I lived in Ironbridge someone used to call me "Irondrawers" and I have also been called "The war department" !!!