mercredi 9 février 2011

My old mum used to say.................

My mum used to say that with every dawn.........................

comes a clean slate.......!!

As soon as I began truffling through my attic clearance treasures I first came up with this................
...and then this..................
and then this.

I realised that I like what I do too much to be affected by just one person where the concept of patience clearly doesn't exist in her life!   
On a lighter note, my new word of the week is  RACOON . I have never seen one, know nothing about them - and, actually, might quite like one as a pet. Can you imagine me walking through our local town with one on a lead? Unfortunately, we don`t get them in France, and in fact I know nothing about them - but haven`t they got nice faces?!! Any racoons for donation should be packaged well and posted to the chateau; and I promise not to be impatient if there are delays in postage!!!!
I'm moving on from that subject now, but not without ending the subject by thanking all those who have sent fabulous messages of support.

3 commentaires:

  1. Thats it! up till now I thought you were as 'normal' as one could reasonably expect from an attic dweller/diver....but now! Racoons on friend you are in desperate need of a holiday and I would be more than happy to step in and help clear the backlog whilst you are away ha ha.....No racoons though ha ha
    Lynn xx

  2. Wonderful declaration of a positive attitude! Mums are wonderful for letting us know on our bad days, tomorrow will be better.

    At first I hated the task of storing in our attic but a year later digging through it all, was like Christmas! It looks as if you re-found some wonderful treasures, as well.

    I know people who indeed have racoons for pets. They love them.

  3. I am on a bit of a roll here..I have won that beautiful roses fabric and am so excited. You source some beautiful treasures Shirley. In response to your previous post about the negative feedback on Ebay I quite agree with you, it is incredibly unfair and Ebay should have withdrawn it as you are also making money for them!! I hate selling things on Ebay as you always get one person who has to try and spoil it by being totally unreasonable. Well this person has now lost out and can't buy any more of your beautiful treasures and it serves them right!! Keep positive and look forward to meeting you at Vintage at the Village Hall although I will probably return back to Derbyshire penniless after raiding your stand!!
    Jo xx