vendredi 4 février 2011

Tinged with sadness.............

Do you remember the empty silent chateau I blogged about a week or so ago? If not here is the link

I discovered more of it`s history today.

In the second world war the German soldiers that occupied Normandie took possession of the chateau forcing the family that lived there to move out. After the D Day landings the soldiers fled but left a turret booby trapped with explosives. The young son of the family entered the house the booby trap went off and he was killed.
The family left and never returned.
Do you think that houses hold their memories and will this place be tinged with sadness forever?

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  1. That's so sad, such tragedy. I think that houses have an atmosphere, maybe nothing tangible, just a feeling, but also I think that it can be changed, a new family, new happy memories maybe?

  2. I do hope so. It is such a fairytale building

  3. Bonjour Shirley,
    SUch a sad story. Being an American in Paris, I have been surprised at the older ladies and gentlemen who have actually hugged me and said how grateful they were for the US during the war. I cired when the first lady told me her story.
    Yes, these chateau need a family to make it a home as Karen said.
    Bon weekend,

  4. Bon weekend Mimi. Most of the inhabitants of our local villages also have a great warmth for the numerous Americans who still visit this area, year after year following their liberation by the brave men of the 101st Airborne Division who dropped into the region by parachute and the assault troops who landed on the beaches on D-Day.
    Hope the weather is better for you; it is very wind-lashed here this evening!

  5. Hi, I have just found your blog, the story of the old chateau really touched me. I do think that sadness and memories can effect the feeling of a house, so many years and so many energies of the past have to have an effect. Just as hopefully the next family will fill it full of love and restore it to it's former glory.....Old houses appreciate that! I've always been a romantic and a dreamer!! Wish it was me...I love it, Sophie, sorry thats a really long comment! x

  6. Hello Sophie
    Yes I understand what you mean! I feel exactly the same as that place is captivating. I do hope it has a happy ending

  7. For the family that is a very sad story and I can understand that they would have wanted to leave, however I think that the chateau looks sad but in a hopeful way, if someone came along and gave the house a new family I am sure that it would smile again. I have visions of when Pip rips all of the curtains down in Miss Havershams darkened room........

  8. How tragic! I wouldn't want to have stayed either. That poor family. Hopefully they were able to find peace and happiness again, although you could never totally heal from that. It is also sad that that beautiful chateau sits there all alone. I'm sure it could be "happy" again. There are so many gorgeous details. Wish I could see it up close. Is there anything inside? Let us know if you find out more and hope you are doing well! xoxo Rhonda...

  9. I can't literally stop dreaming about this home. It is like an old black and white film playing over and over in my mind. Thank-you for sharing this beautiful blog with the world. I did a little post about it on my blog today and hope you don't mind. Bee Blessed on this Glorious Valentine Day!!! Amy B.