mardi 8 février 2011

Light the blue touch paper..... and run !!

To those who know me well I am quite a happy , calm person. I very rarely moan,  groan or lose my temper. I love my job being a brocanteuse and truffling for shabby vintage treasures but, today,a rare event. I am about to get on my soap box...............................

So, if you are of a nervous nature or delicate disposition you may wish to look away now!

So, you must be thinking, what has upset me?

I have been selling on the Ebay auction site for well over 10 years and it suits my business. I work very hard at it and if I am not photographing - I am listing; if I am not listing - I am packaging;  and if I am not packaging then I am out truffling for treasures. It is full time and I put everything into it.

The "feedback which is left by my buyers reflects, in my view, my reputation and service - and I am very proud of it. I have had many, many regular buyers based worldwide who, over the years, have become wonderful friends too. I love to welcome new clients and the chateau gates are always open to them.

When I lived in the UK I sold both at antiques fairs and in my shops - and loved to meet customers face to face - soemthing which, regrettably, cannot happen when distance-selling on Ebay. So, unable to talk directly, I make my auction descriptions as full as possible, as if I am describing the item in person to the buyer. I try to miss nothing out right down to the tiniest of details.

The only thing which I have no control over, of course, when distance-selling is the postage system, and how long it can actually take for a parcel to reach its destination once it leaves my hands. We package carefully and post off as soon as practically possible after payment has been received. The French postal system -  La Poste - can be a little slow at times but really no slower than most other postal services and, with international parcels, customs checks can also result in a delays in delivery time. Other factors also greatly affect delivery dates: excessively bad weather closing airports ( like at Xmas in the UK last year) or increased security measures. [Thank goodness I have no parcels bound for Egypt at the present time!!]. But if someone is awaiting a parcel longer than normal I literally turn myself inside out to help track a package and give them my full attention.

If someone decides an item is not for them; perhaps the wrong colour or the wrong size when put it in place, I immediately ask that the item be returned and arrange a return. Never any problems;  the customer is always right.

But.......not this week! One parcel has not arrived at its destination ( in the USA) and the buyer, quite understandably, was becoming more and more concerned as to its whereabouts and sent me two emails - both of which I responded to. But, before I was able to start the tracking process between France and the USA .........wham!  The buyer had decided that the delay must have been my fault - and had left me negative feedback on the two items she had bought. Absolutely unfair for something that is out of  my control.  I really have seen red as I was not given a chance to sort it out or even arrange a refund for a possible lost item.  I have politely asked the buyer to kindly withdraw the feedback whilst I sort out the parcel problem but I have received a curt "NO". Ebay, unhelpfully, have said that there is nothing I can do.

 Today I have felt like giving up selling on Ebay completely -  and simply selling from my own website. But I have let my head rule my heart on this occasion!

And so to this particular Ebayer I say this..................

Madam, the gates to the chateau will remain firmly closed to you!

Okay. Rant over....get over yourself woman and move on!
Moving on as we speak.

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  1. Excellent POST. I feel the same way, I had a customer on Etsy leave me negative feedback and she left NO REASON whatsoever. How mean is that? No communication as to why she was so unhappy. BOO to these customers.

    I need to check out your shop on Ebay.

  2. Thanks Rhonda I agree.....a big BOO!!!!!

  3. You are so much better than that Shirley, rise above it. I am sure that the rest of your American customers are mortified at the response of this one individual.
    I still love ya baby!
    T x
    I will email you another reply!

  4. Dear Shirley,
    Don't give up on selling on EBay! You bring so many people joy(even if we have only won one auction!) We always check out your site and you keep us well entertained! We always say that a negative is bound to happen eventually, even if you stand on your head and do cartwheels to be accommodating to the buyer! Take heart and know how many people you touch the world over in such a positive and endearing way...
    From a Very Snowy Hillside in New England,
    Sheila and Sherrill

  5. Grrrrrr. I know just how you feel. It has happened to us in the past and it makes one VERY cross. However, stay chilled and move on! Hugs xxx

  6. some people are so rude and impatient,,def a big BOO!!!!

  7. I recently had a similar experience, having sent a parcel, a wooden object, not really breakable, which I assumed had arrived OK, as I had no feedback, until a full six weeks later, Neg F/B left with just the word Broken!!!!. I have sold privately and through my business for a good few years and never rec'd a Neg F/B and felt completely the same as you. If they had informed me, I would of obviously given a full refund and collected the item from them, I contacted the customer who simply replied, 'they did not want to cause a fuss' which astounded me even more, because if you had rec'd something broken, the first thing you would do is go back to where you had purchased it and tell them. It seems to me that with Ebay the customer has all the power....

  8. Do you feel better now? SOmetimes we all need a good rant every so often. DOn't worry, go on and keep doing what you do so well. Some people are never happy and perhaps are looking for freebies along the way...I am sorry she wrote that on your profile - very unkind and uninformed! Deep breath and onward!!
    a bientôt,

  9. Yes I`m fine.....I`m over it now! Still nice to tell her that she cannot step through the chateau gates again though!!!

  10. Dearest Shirley,
    There is always one bad apple in every bunch! This buyer IS A BAD APPLE!! I so understand. Ebay needs to figure out a screening system for this kind of behavior. It is a random act by one jerk buyer. You did the right thing.. cut her off! It is her loss by far. Keep up your amazing truffling:)

  11. I'm so sorry for you.I hate selling on Ebay for just that reason.The ones that are so rude seem to be buyers only and new to ebay makes me very angry.This is where ebay should step in but they don't.~Cheers Kim

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  13. Shirley, Just to let you know I have also closed our gates to that nasty customer, hope others do the same.

  14. BRilliant post and my sentiments entirely, I sell and buy on ebay, sometimes things do take a long time, I am at the moment waiting for some linen which I bought 14 days ago, I have sent emails to ask how long, but have had no reply - some people are lovely who use ebay others are complete a................!!!
    but it is nice to get it off your chest.

  15. As one of your regular buyers,from Australia I say boo to her too. I always receive my items quickly actually they arrive more quickly recently than in the past, and I just love your items, I have lots of little bits of France throughout my home from your listings so a big thank-you to you.

  16. What nasty rude woman! But hopefully not typical. I also close my doors to difficult customers. I guess you had already left positive feedback for her. Shame on her! Frances