mardi 19 juillet 2011


I came down into the cuisine early this morning. Mainly because it seemed to be the first day for weeks that it has not been lashing rain! The cuisine has been opened up ready for the new extension and "mais oui" there is a huge hole in the wall now which is currently being covered over by a piece of plasterboard to stop the swallows flitting in and out of the main house!!

When I saw the orange light coming over the top of the doorway I assumed that the lights had been left on and moved the boards away to go and switch them off....................

But was the early morning light and the whole room was golden........

I shall be so glad when its`s going to be wonderful!
Whilst the light was so good I took the chance to carry my old mannequin outside to photograph the amazing 1920s satin bejewelled gown I found last weekend.

It is a gorgeous hand made confection with amazing jewelled detailing.................................
and a delicious full train....................
I wonder which lucky madamoiselle it was made for? It came with some other amazing antique clothing and the most exquisite hand worked marriage shawl I have ever seen. I was just about to photograph it and guess what? The heavens opened again and the rain has lashed all day!
Oh was nice while it lasted!

3 commentaires:

  1. That is so beautiful. Were you tempted to try it on? Did you? I would! Wow, who was it made for and how canyou sell it? Wonderful. The imagining is the best bit non?

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful! I am trying to imagine who it was made for, for what occassion, where they went, did they have a wonderful time! I love this!

  3. If only I could get into it I would be wearing it as we speak!!!! Its about a size 10 I think!!!

    Guess what? Raining today!!!