mercredi 20 juillet 2011

Fine dining with a petite French pug!! is still raining!!! How long can it go on for? I have curtains to photograph and cannot risk putting them above the doorway as the minute I get them in place it will just hound it down again! NO more......please!!!!

Being trapped indoors has given me time to look all through the boxes of treasures I have been hiding ready for listing and I forgot I had brought this old menu card home some time ago. Dated June 1922 it is marked with age but I love it now as much as the day I found it!!! It reminds me of Jo at  "Hestanesta"..........................

Is that you Jo? If so can I borrow your hat?!!!

A demain mes belles....hopefully with no rain and those delicious faded florals I have will get photographed at last!!

5 commentaires:

  1. having spent an evening with Jo I can guarantee that she doesn't wear a hat at dinner, at other times I don't know! Definately looks like one of her little darlings though!!
    Someone requested a song on the radio today, from your neck of the woods, moaning about the rain, and here's me thinking that you would be living it up dans le jardin avec un boutille!!
    T x

  2. I think I would rather have the rain, here in my town it is 100 degrees and getting hotter, not to mention that it will be like this for another week.

    Cute menu card!

  3. Hi Shirley
    I'm afraid I am not as elegant, can only dream of having a derrière like that, I'm more like Granny from the Giles cartoons, and Tracey was certainly witness to my bad behaviour, after several glasses of vino of course!! The Pugs are also very badly behaved and would be on the table rather than waiting patiently. What a beautiful menu card though, it would look lovely framed. Hope the rain isn't getting you down too's forecast here tomorrow with some thunder!!
    Jo xx

  4. No such luck being in the garden...I`ve forgotten what it looks like with all the mist rolling across the marsh!
    Jo...thanks for the picture what a squeal!!!