vendredi 15 juillet 2011

Totally shabby chic and totally delicious!!!

I was over the moon to find this child mannequin yesterday. Dating from the 1850s it had been laid on its back in a grenier attic until the house was cleared a few weeks ago.

It was those little buttoned wooden boots that did it and I couldn`t leave without him!

The dilemma was to try and tidy him, strip off all the distressed fabric or to leave him as I found him. I know I would display him just as he is so I waxed his boots and I`ll let someone else decide.

Absolutely adorable!

Bon weekend mes belles!

6 commentaires:

  1. It is adorable! What an enchanting job to dig up old treasures like that.Couldn't get any better~Cheers Kim

  2. Blimey, what a find! Lovely boots.
    Maybe you could find a place for him in your chateau??
    T x

  3. Mad but also rather spectacular. If you had to go and find the weirdest thing you could this would surely be a contender.

  4. Tracey.....if I keep anything else I will have to move out!!!!

  5. I think it must have been the Daddy mannequin I left behind in Paris, a little similar in condition...however, it didn't have boots like those, they are wonderful.
    Great find...
    Julie x

  6. Hello to you from Brittany.
    I love the little figure and his wonderful boots.