lundi 11 juillet 2011

Wait for it................................

Will you all settle down please!!! You are not too big to go over my knee you know!!!
 Yesterday it was brocanting until late and today Mark has gone to the UK for three days for a family birthday. absolutely cannot make me go down there alone in the pitch black with a mouse, a candle and a teaspoon to dig in the clay! ......what?.....oh.......yes you can!!!
I have asked Dominic who is the grandson of the old lady that lived here before, but he was too young to remember what it was like when Grandmere bought the place but he says his eldest brother may know so he will ask him for me.

The tiny village "mairie" town hall is open tomorrow afternoon so I will ask if they have any records of the chateau kept there . But, I suspect they will be held at the area records office in Coutances or Carentan so I will ask our lady mayor how to go about that too.

Now if you can all arrive here tonight some of you can hold the candle and we will take it in turns to fend off the mouse and dig.

Talking of Dig.....Digger is not talking to me as I managed to catch him to Frontline him this morning! He is allergic to any kind of insect bites - his stomach turns bright red and he itches so much he has to have a cortisone injection at the vets. I told him it was for his own good as a little Front line as a precaution woulod be better than an injection but he wasn`t interested. I am sure he can read the words on that Frontline box - the minute I have it in my hand he becomes Harry Houdini and today I finally managed to corner him by the armoire!

So you will have to keep your camiknickers on wait a little longer mes belles!!
A demain!!

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  1. AAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Kristina xxxx

  2. We haven't felt suspense like this since the Summer of 1980 awaiting the resolution of the "Who Shot J.R. cliffhanger!
    She and Sher