samedi 23 juillet 2011

L`AMOUR FRIVOLE..................

L`AMOUR FRIVOLE...............

You know what its like. You`ve shopped till you drop in all the couture and perfumerie magasins in Paris and I knew that it was a bad idea to wear those little, pale blue silk Madame Pompadour slippers with the ribbon bows - but they looked so divine with my new rose-trimmed gown.

  I couldn`t get a carriage home and had to walk all the way home through les jardins des Tuileries carrying that huge hat box with the latest ribbon bedecked coiff - and now my feet are really killing me! I was very careful not to drop my silk handkerchief as this would have been a sure sign to those promenading dandies that I was available!

I shall just loosen up these tight corset laces and have a little sit down in my boudoir to rest - and relax as I close my eyes.

And what happens as soon as you drift off into a gentle slumber ? Well........some dandy has followed you home and climbs through your window.... he carefully lifts your shawl with his walking cane - all to catch a glimpse of what lies below your corsets!

I say "wake up madamoiselle"!!!! Take that cane and thrash him to within an inch of his life!!!!!

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