vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Treasures from Tartelette..............

This is what Tartelette bought for me for a present in whilst she was truffling in Paris...................

....the most divine 19th century boudoir box covered in a toile the pattern of which, even after 28 years or so of truffling around France, I have never seen before.
The inside is so pristine and she had tucked away inside two little bon bon boxes too.

And to think...........10 years ago when she emailed me; no, harassed me; no, stalked me to help her furnish her home with French treasures I had tried to escape her clutches!!

I am so glad I gave in because she has become such a wonderful friend who has a heart of pure gold. But don`t tell her that; I have to keep her thinking she has not won me over yet!!!! To be honest she has such a sharp eye for timeworn shabby French treasures she doesn`t really need me at all...................but don`t tell her that either!!

On her next visit she may re-possess the box and it will then live with her for a while too....but I don`t mind sharing with her at all!

But she is now safely home after a hideous flight travelling through two huge storms on the way - and I nearly got to call in that pair of gilded 19th century wings bequeathed to me after 2 glasses of red.

I do know that she has taken back some delicious finds for her next private sale which she arranges at her home in Portland, Oregon. I have seen her latest haul and it`s no wonder the queue starts early! I am very tempted to simply join the end of the queue one day as a suprise!
Here is her blogsite  - and I am sure she will get blogging again nearer her sale time......

So, peace reigns again and back to normality whatever that is!
I have had a few days truffling locally with Miss Frou frou and we have unearthed some little mignons like these.....

....exquisite faceted crystal candle shades for me,

....and adorable cherub prints and 19th century silk brocade for Froufrou.
You will find Miss Froufrous listings here:

Have a wonderful weekend, mes belles!

8 commentaires:

  1. What a wonderful gift. Am off to read her blog now. Can't wait to see what she is taking back to Oregon. Thanks for your b'day wishes to Meg. I am nursing a Mojito head this morning!

  2. Damn...where did she find that in Paris? Her eyes are too good...
    I must try harder next time or maybe just plan a trip to Oregon instead.
    Julie x

  3. We all ought to get together and just join the queue for that sale!!!

  4. J'adore mon ami Shirley .You have stolen my heart a thousand times over..Come to the queue, I dare you.

  5. Hi Shirley, just returned from 3 manic days of "truffling".. have put a few pix on the blog will be over again soon & would love to see you! xxx

  6. Too many treasures to swoon over,i adore your boudoir box it is very beautiful,
    Love Kristina x

  7. have taken a note of your phone number.. you might not want that posted on le internet!!! xxx