jeudi 16 février 2012

I want those doors and I want them NOW!!!

I apologise for the lack of blogging but now that the freezing cold spell of weather is over the chateau renovations are off again at a great pace.

There are floors being laid, walls being plastered, a staircase being erected and endless lorries arriving with building materials.

It is all at that stage where you can really see things taking shape and as the rooms evolve I am constantly out there having new ideas ( I can hear them all groaning when I do) , changing my mind ( womans perogative) and just standing and looking (poking my nose)  trying to imagine the finished thing.

Sometimes at dusk when everyone has gone I go and stand amongst the rubble and think " Oh heavens...............what have we taken on?"!

I really wanted to add these old town doors to the end of the sitting room. With their cast iron grilles and old tinkling door bell like a bicycle bell they are simply divine.

Pierre the builder thought they would not look right................

But I refused to crumble so in they went.......................

and now the plasterboards are up and I can see what it will be like when the room is plastered  I know that they are perfect.

A visiting friend asked if I am going to have them stripped and painted like new. When I told her I am just going to wax them to retain the old paint finish she looked at me like I had lost my head!!

I actually think I will be 93 years old before we get to start on the old cottage at the end of the garden!! I am just hoping it doesn`t crumble before we get to it!!

I am no nearer solving the Caroline Endres mystery box from my last blog. All I have managed to discover is that her father was of German origin and his name was Otto Endres and he migrated to New York in the late 1800s.

So..............whilst I am so preoccupied here is the link to Frou Frou`s newly plump Etsy shop.....

She is definitely a chip off the old block, tassel off the old curtain, monogram off the old sheet or whatever you like to call it!!

Whoa.....the girl did good!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. The doors look fabulous and I think they will look perfect just waxed and kept as they are. Thank Frou Frou for adding me to her Etsy circle, I am still totally lost when it comes to Etsy! The lace was gorgeous by the way. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. I think the door is perfect, I have a thing about photographing peeling paint doors, people think that I am mad as well!
    T x

  3. Those doors were meant to be there! The girl did do good, just stopped by for a visit and to drop her a line. You girls are taking over the world! Today France, tomorrow ...... You should change your last name to Bonaparte - Shirley Wells-Bonaparte :-)

  4. Those doors are wonderful, always go with your gut feeling no matter what they say. Julie xxx

  5. Thank you I am not mad after all! I a looking forward to Sunday ...a street brocante...heaven!!

    Di....Bonaparte was short and dumpy and stole gilded horses fron Venice...........okay I accept that one!

    Jo...have a great weekend- glad you loved the lace!

    Tracy- you can photograph my doors anytime ( that somehow sounds very wrong doesn`t it?!!!)

  6. Mama,
    Je suis un peu vous.
    t'aime maman

  7. Hi, I have awarded you A Versatile Blogger Award for your lovely blog! You don't have to accept if you don't like awards, just know how much I enjoy your posts. If you do, please pop by my blog for further details xxx