samedi 4 février 2012

Those velvet shoes.........................

One evening we took in a show which was a wonderful  production with the cast in delicous period costumes...........
It was staged in a small, very beautiful theatre  - and when the leading actor mentioned 'Casanova' Tartlette let out a huge  "purr " as loud as a lion which had the whole audience and cast in stitches! You really can`t take her anywhere!!

A day later we happened to meet up again  with the leading man and Tartelette - in her usual direct, "up-front" manner - went straight over to him and told him that we had been in the audience the night before and confessed to being the noisiest there! He roared with laughter and told her that she had made it a memorable performance for them all and he knew he had a captivated audience that night!!
And so............... to the shopping. Three women on the loose with all those divine Italian shops............dangerous!!
Italian pastries............................heaven!! more please.....oh....go on then!

Just too much temptation!

Frou Frou has based her cottage cuisine on a cup cake theme and was particularly keen to get her hands on the Louis Vuitton window display....................

Try getting that cupcake in your suitcase, Mademoiselle!!
Oh how I would have loved this Murano confection. And many of the windows had been dressed in readiness for the traditional carnival week in February........

This is the costume Frou Frou wanted!

I do believe a little window licking took place!

When most of the shops were closing Tartelette spotted some divine silk velvet ballet pumps...............
........soft French grey with a large Parisian pink bow. She HAD to have them but the shop was already closed. We agreed to go back the following morning before leaving for the airport. So after breakfast the next day we set off. But Venice is such a maze of tiny streets we searched and searched for the shop but simply couldn`t find it!!

We re-traced our steps time and time again until we eventually ran out of time. Poor Tartelette - those velvet slippers will have to stay in her dreams along with our time in Venice.
Thank you Tartelette and Frou Frou for such a memorable break!
You both made me laugh till my sides hurt!

I need a holiday to recover from you both!!!

A la prochaine mes belles!

10 commentaires:

  1. Oh what fun you all had. Such a delightful city, it is my favourite and impossible to be in a bad mood. Sorry your friend did not find her slippers
    Helen xx

  2. Looks as if you had a wonderful time. VV jealous. Lizzie x

  3. Poor Tartelette! Those shoes did not want to cross the Atlantic did they? Looks like a dream holiday with much laughter!

  4. I am very suspicious that you have not appeared in any pics, were you with the girls or had you sneaked into mine and JD's new palazzo, and spent the week with him whilst I am here in Blighty?
    T x

  5. ps I love your new header pic, one of your finds?

  6. What fun memories you have made in Venice. Lovely images, sigh.

  7. Hi Tracy
    Well you have more chances of knitting soot seeing me in a pic! I was actually off with Mr Depp trying out his new hot tub!
    That header pic was sent to me by someone who sells me the most wonderful things....I might have to forgo Mr Depp for him!! I am desperate to know if it is the place his things are coming from!!

  8. I thought I left a comment. Whe did it go?

  9. Hi Kim
    It disappeared off into that mystery room on my new header!! lol

  10. Wonderful story to make daydreams of. I wish your life were a TV series!! LOVE that header pic...please HUNT him down!!! Oh, and have you heard about that abandoned chåteau called Maison Lilly? Amazing!! See if you can find that one, too! [ It may be in the south of France, though...]
    Hope you are recovered from the flu bug. :)