lundi 30 janvier 2012

And so to the Cafe Florian............

When The 'Cafe Florian' came into view as we turned the corner in St Mark's Square, it still looked as beautiful and stunning as the very first time I set my eyes on it. As soon as you walk through those doors into the entrance hall bedecked with twinkling chandeliers it is just like stepping back in time.

Tartelette and Frou Frou were totally amazed (as I knew they would be) with the decor and atmosphere.  We were ushered to plush velvet seats by one of the waiters, all of whom wore black tie with long-tailed morning suits

We sat down in one of the six intimate salons which was empty except for a couple  sitting across from us in the opposite corner - and who were locked in a passionate embrace. She was dressed from top to toe in haute couture and casually draped on the seat at her side was her full length mink.

We averted our eyes as best we could -  but they were so engrossed in each other that I'm sure they would not have noticed if we had surrounded them with an orchestra of violins! I simply couldn't not look at her; well, not so much her but what she was wearing. Her jewels.....heavens they were amazing! She was swathed in pink diamonds, even her watch strap was encrusted with jewels.

Was this some sort of aristocratic secret lovers tryst?

When they finally came up for air I had to giggle. They both turned out to be well into their sixties!!! I did try to sneak a photograph but it came out too blurry as I was giggling so much. Anyway............over 60 or not, I say "GET A ROOM " !!!! Poor Tartelette didn`t know where to look.

The lovers stood up, she donned her fur and they swept out on to St Marks Square leaving the  room to ourselves.

The waiter came and took our order which was duly delivered on a silver tray - and Tartlette ordered us not to touch anything until she had photographed it all from every angle!

The Cafe Florian is so divine;I adore the large gilded mirrors that reflect through to each salon..........

...the bronze lamps in each corner.....................
.......and the walls are bedecked with amazing treasures.

The gilded ceilings are a maze of fabulous gilded mirror panels................

the carved marble tables smooth with centuries of use..............
I asked the two girls:   If Casanova himself came sweeping into the salon what look of "allure" would they give him?

Tartelette went for aloof..........
Frou Frou went for coy using her menu as a fan.................. which point, Mark went for another hot chocolat!

Cafe memorable, especially with good friends.

Frou Frou didn`t want to leave at all!!
NEXT TIME.............. the girls 'shop till they drop'........... and the silk velvet slippers that got away!

A la prochaine mes belles.............

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  1. Wow what an amazing beautiful palace to dine in.Look at every lil detail of beauty surrounding you.Pure Joy~Cheers Kim

  2. Oh! Oh! I got so excited by this post I had to go get a glass of wine to calm me down, [ and a baked potato ] and read it again!! What a marvelous day of fun and glamour! The girls are so cute. [ BTW, where are YOU?] Loved hearing about the sexy senior citizens, too!

  3. Just wiping the drool off my keyboard.... I so want to go there!!
    I agree with Dawne, where are you Shirley? Pictures please!

  4. We fooled you - it was me & Jonny in disguise!!
    T x

  5. Hi could have tied spotty up outside!!

  6. Tracy..............hand over those pink diamonds immediately!!

  7. Hi Dawne
    So glad you liked it! But you have more chance of knitting jam than getting my face on this blog!! I`d scare everyone away

  8. Hi Kim
    Amy is on the flight quiet here now!!

  9. G'day My Lady~I think that "Hello" is to me...If not I will pretend it is. Lol I bet it is quiet there now and hard to see Miss Amy go, She is such a sweet lil angel and so full of it! Love her to pieces and truly heaven sent for me.I'm glad she got to go and just enjoy herself with you and your family, it was well overdue for her.~Cheers Kim