jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Marsh fever...............

I am not saying that the current gale lashing the chateau is bad - but Mary Poppins has just sailed past my window out of control with her umbrella and carpet bag flapping in the wind!!

We are without a telephone landline for the second day and the poor swans floating on the marsh waters at the bottom of the garden have tucked their heads under their wings for protection.

George, our dragon weathervane girouette on the roof, is creaking and groaning, but as he has already survived 170 years atop the roof so far then this gale shouldn`t bother him at all!

The only good thing about such a gale is the wonderful draw we get from the vast stone chimney and Hercule blasts away like a furnace. As the day goes on and it gets warmer and warmer more and more clothing is discarded so, by the early evening, we could well end up  naked and the Baron and Diggers will be unzipping their fur!

I must admit I always thought that that would be a wonderful bonus for cats and dogs to have a zip that runs along their stomachs which they could change for a different coats - kind of a one to wash one to wear thing! Smaller animals would of course have to have velcro; and I suppose and snakes and worms would have to wear patterned stockings.

Another thing I've thought about;  does the male turtle get out of his shell and squeeze in with the female to mate? If that is the case he would have to be very careful where he parked his shell and what would he do if he came back and it was gone?

And...........if more than one mouse is "mice" why isn`t more than one house "hice"?

Lots of things to think about.

I have also been thinking about Di who writes that wonderful blog under YONKS. She lives on a boat - but what if she has been washed out to sea and is now clinging to a boy ( No...I haven`t mis-spelt that one!!)

I think I must be suffering from marsh fever...............the isolation......the howling gale...........the lack of chocolat ( it has all been eaten over Christmas)....the lack of brocantes in the Winter ( now we're getting nearer to the truth!)

I think my brocantitis is breaking out again and there is no cure until the Spring village vide greniers, flea markets and brocantes which start again in April.

Perhaps it would be safer if I didn`t think at all!!!

A demain mes belles!!!

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  1. I am going six months without chocolat, as of January 1st...


    We have the whipping gales here too, hard to keep the house warm in our rural, hilly location - I need a stove like yours! Very elegant.

    Bon courage, Shirley! And so glad to hear that puss is much better! x

  2. I wish you could hear how John and I laughed hearty about that one!!! I am surprised you didn't see us sail by during the night. Bloody Hell! I fell out of bed 3 or 4 times last night. JUST STRAP ME IN!

    I was clinging to my boy. My toy boy as John is 7 years my younger - how did you know :-)
    All one can do is laugh.
    Love You!

  3. Oh, my heart goes out to ALL [ you, too, Di} who suffer from gale winds! We live in NY, on the Vermont border, and were buffeted by Hurricane Irene last August, which devastated that state. And, oh, our 150 year old Maples did bend! But it must be so much more dramatic by the ocean. At least the chateau is made of stone! Stay dry and hot, Shirley!!

  4. Dear Madame of quite alot of importance...6 months withour on earth will you survive? If you are like me just one tiny square will send me off down the slippery slope. Someone suggested I try 99% pure chocolat that you can buy here. It almost cured me as it was like chewing dust!!
    Bonne courage madam!!

  5. Dear Di,
    You know I have a vivid imagination - and now my head is filled with visions of you lashed to John!!!
    Well done on the toy boy front I say!!
    How on earth did you manage to get any sleep at all?

    Mark sends his sympathies; he can recall having to tie himself into his bunk on more than one occasion when the frigate he was serving on was being lashed from all sides in the South Atlantic storms around the Falkland Islands.

  6. Hi Dawne
    I think hot chocolat & macaroons are in order!! Any excuse I saY


  7. Shirley, oh, you just made my day!! I had a horrible day at work and came home to blog read.
    Thank you, I needed this hearty laugh. You should be published. :0

    You are so right, I've just found Di's blog and love it!!

  8. Thankfully our power lines went down after I purchased my glass domes!!
    Hope Charles is continuing to get better xxxx

  9. Shirley it is always a delight and inspiration to read your blog, I am now sitting in my cold kitchen dreaming about being lashed by...sorry to Captain Jack.................