lundi 2 janvier 2012

Poor Charles le Baron.........

Charles le Baron du Breuil is not well. This is the cat who is as strong as a lion and has never been ill before so you will understand my concern. Even when he was tiny and lost his paw he seemed to sail through the operations.

Yesterday morning he went out as normal through the cat flap. We went off to a New Years Day breakfast party and returned home in the early afternoon to find him curled up asleep on our bed. When he hadn`t moved by the early evening I went up to look at him and realised all was not well. He was lethargic and his face just didn`t look right and his eyes seemed a little dull.

Everyone knows that the only place the Baron will allow you to touch is his head and neck before he starts the growling and scratching, but he simply lay there and allowed me to check all over his body for injuries which confirmed to me that all was not good.

I could find no injuries at all and brought him down to the sofa so we could watch him and he stayed there all night. He turned down food and drink and hardly moved. Just before midnight he rose slowly and made his way to the cat flap, spent a minute in the garden then slowly came back and resumed his position on the sofa.

Just before we went to bed I tried to get him to take a drink of water from a spoon held to his lips as I know that dehydration would be serious but he refused and I managed to dab a little water on his lips which he did eventually lick off .

I came down at 4.30 to check him and he was in the same postition and refused a drink again and when we came back down at 7.30 this morning he was in the same spot.

So, we have just returned from the vets and his temperature is normal, his lungs and heart sound fine but he groaned when the vet squeezed his stomach gently.

The veterinaire seems to think he may have eaten a whole rabbit again or something that has upset his stomach. The fact she was able to examine him at all shows he is not himself as it was this poor vet that he lacerated when she removed the stitches from his leg when he was just 12 weeks old and already as fiery as a firecracker! Typical redhead behaviour!!

Now we have some stomach medicine and rehydrating liquids that we will feed him with a syringe and if he is not eating and drinking by Wednesday he has to go back so that he can have an x-ray to see if he has a rabbit bone lodged in his stomach.

As we speak he is refusing to leave the cat basket and is sulking big time!

A demain mes belles

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  1. They are so tough Shirley. Our cat slinky did the same thing when he had a fight with a car. We thought he was a gonner and did the same thing. he didn't move from one spot for days and we had to force fluids into him. He was very lethargic for about a months and then popped up one day like nothing happened. Their bodies just shut down to heal. He's healing and will be fine. Humand can learn a lesson from them, especially you. You don't see him out brocanting after surgery or an illness do you hmmmmmm! He will stay in a warm quiet place until he's alright :-)

  2. Di...........thanks for that makes me feel alot better. I have just had to syringe some water into him but he didn`t struggle. He and I will be watching Eddie Izzard in treasure Island tonight.........ooooaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr Jim lad!!


  3. Thanks Miss Pea Pod.......I will pass your message on to the Baron

  4. Poor little guy - I pray he heals fast! If only they could talk, right?

  5. Hi Rhonda
    I agree if only he could tell me whats going on!!

  6. I hate it when my babies are sick! They are already spoiled, and any illness means lots of attention.

    I'm hoping he gets back to normal quickly! Kisses to The Baron. :)

  7. Oh Shirley, everything crossed for the Baron.
    T xxxxx

  8. Mackeral is the strongest smelling fish & is so strong it is used in my country to trap wild/lost cats (so they can be desexed, not euthanased) and I have found my cats will succumb to the aroma even when they are recovering from a ailment. Sardines are next best, or pate which you probably have in your pantry. We have also found minute puncture wounds on our cats, from a fight with a rat I guess (we live rurally)which will not show swelling for some time, so keep feeling all over his coat. Finally, cats will do anything for attention so this could be his best act ever, but all else fails, lots of cuddles and tiny bits of milk or cream will see him through.

  9. Dear Shirley,
    I am so sorry to hear that Charles is unwell. My girl Princess B. exhibited the same behavior. They try to tell you all is not quite right! When my girl failed to appear for her meal(UNHEARD OF!!!!), I went in search of her and found her curled up in my sister's bed. A trip to the vet revealed nothing and yet she would not eat or drink and continued to be lethargic! On the return trip to the vet, another doc examined her and discovered that there were two tiny bite marks on her hind leg hidden by fur! She had, unbeknownst to us, been in a cat fight and did not emerge as winner(unfitting behavior indeed for a princess!!) The vet gave us an antibiotic that we administered via a syringe. She was well in short order! Even if they do not know the cause sometimes a round of antibiotics sets them right again! Keep us posted and we'll send prayers to Saint Francis! By the way, my dear girl lived until 21!

  10. So Sorry to hear about your sweet kitty!!! I love the pix of him being so funny and fierce! I hope it's just a case of Bunny-in-the Tummy, and nothing more serious.

  11. Poor Charles le B du B. I know he will be getting the very best care, and he could not have a more devoted owner. Especially as I recall, you drove a 100 mile round trip to save an owl!
    Sending kitty kisses and wishes for a speedy recovery xxxxx

  12. Oooh poor Charles, hope it is just terrible indigestion.
    I cried when I read the story about you rescuing him when he was so tiny. he is such a fighter I am sure he will pull through.

  13. Poor poor baby! Please keep us posted... He is such an important Baron.