mercredi 4 janvier 2012

The return of the Baron - and the edible shoes!!

When I came down to the cuisine this morning Charles had already gone out  through the cat flap so I somehow knew that he must be feeling better. He has been nipping in and out ever since so I know that he is was back to his old self - and I am delighted! He has just brought me a gift of a mouse so all is definitely okay! I did  despatch the mouse quite sharpish so he couldn`t eat it!! Panic over mes belles!! So..........back to 'normal' life at the 'chateau'.

Just before Christmas a young man knocked the door at the chateau. He told me that he had been told by someone in the village that I bought old textiles and he had some things I might like to buy. I invited him in but had a feeling of despair that he would unpack some rustic old farm trousers and a pair of wooden clogs as is the fashion here! Then I would have to decline his offer and then feel guilty as he had made the journey here.

He pulled out some old parcels wrapped in brown tissue paper and began to unwrap them.  When I saw the rolls of old ribbons inside I had to stop myself from smiling and shouting! ( Just as they do in an over the top romance story with those ridiculous sayings...."my eyes darted across the room and my breath came in short pants"!!).

He had come bearing the most wonderful old costume , ribbons and trims.  I could have hugged him - except that it would have been totally bizarre and rumour would spread around the village that the English woman at the chateau is rampantly affectionate and tries to pay "in kind"!!

One of the treasures he brought was this pair of amazing shoes......

Rich regal deep purple felt embellished with fabulous gold wirework embroidery...............

leather soles with impressed dots and patterns............

Silk ribbon ruffles...................

I have no idea of their date;  I just know that they are so gorgeous I could eat them!! are you at dating period shoes? Any suggestions appeciated mes belles.

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  1. Oh, I'm no help at all - except to have become my FAVORITE BLOG in the world.

    Your stories....the way you tell them....I love it all!! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

    Lucky you, those shoes and ribbons are to die for.

    So happy Mr. Charles is better - prayers answered. xo Rhonda

  2. Thanks Rhonda!! I love your blog too ...your photographs are divine!!!

    let me know when you come to Paris again and we`ll meet up!!

  3. I would guess these to be early 19th century slippers, 1820s. They are beautiful.

    So glad Charley is back to his old self. Can't start the new year with such bad news :-)

    Take Care

  4. Dear Shirley,
    A boudoir slipper (also known as a toilet slipper or morning slipper) was a slip on shoe with no fastening. It oftentimes was made of felt and had unusually elaborate and colorful decoration, especially on the vamp, which was heavily embroidered with gold or silver thread. You can date a slipper by the throat line. Prior to 1815 the throat line was round. From 1816 to the 1860's the throat line is square. If you have access to Godey's check out the plates for descriptions or drawings of the slippers. Heels also date the shoe. No heel at all on the slipper appears as early as 1812 and becomes commonplace in the 1830's and 1840's. Before the 1830's soles showed little curvature when viewed from the side. (Check your slippers from a side view.) You can also date the slipper by whether the toe is round, square or oval, and how long the vamp is. Oval toes persisted into the 1830's, while in the 1840's the toes were square. Soles also vary by decade and can help solve the dating dilemma. Soles in the 1830's quite commonly had a fancy finish. Check the soles for curvature as prior to the 1860's slippers were made as straights...neither was made as a right or left shoe, and women would switch which shoe was right or left so they remained fashionably straight. Boudoir slippers were fancier than today's bedroom slippers but were not appropriate to wear outside. They were oftentimes worn with a morning dress. Boudoir slippers usually were a more comfortable size with a waist that wouldn't pinch as much. I guess to date shoes you need a PhD! Without measurements I'll hazard a guess that they are 1830's-1850's boudoir slippers. Check the vamp, throat, waist, sole and heel and then guess!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Shirley,
    The vamp is the part of the shoe that attaches to the sole and covers the front part of the foot. In other words where you park your toes! (It may also describe the woman wearing the slippers but that's another story!) The throat is the center back section of the vamp, a common location for the decoration. The waist is the narrow part of the sole under the arch of the foot. (Funny how the terminology echoes a woman's anatomy!) All in all, I would say that the 1830's would be a good guesstimate.
    You are welcome at our home anytime!!!!!!!!! Fair warning that early January is probably not a good idea as it is 10 degrees Farenheit today with a biting wind! I definitely would not wear the boudoir slippers out today beyond the breakfast table!
    So happy to hear that Charles is better...

  6. Hooray for the Baron!! The present of a mouse is a sure sign that he's back on his feet [paws?] again. And as for your life being back to "normal" at the chateau, well, your "normal" is my fairytale!! I can't even imaging a young man coming to my door bringing such exquisite gifts as ribbons and princess slippers!!
    Thanks so for your visit :)

  7. "my breath came in short pants"??
    err...excuse me madame??

  8. Never mind getting MORE of a reputation, if the young men of the parish line up outside and down the sweeping driveway with gifts like this. I do believe that lots of young men are taken with mature eccentric wildly abandoned English Ladies. Do you have a spare room or perhaps a shed? I have gardening qualifications, Titian streaked hair & boobs, so could be the counter to The lady of the manor, female Mellors!
    T x
    So happy that the Baron has at lsat perked up, must be the stinky fish!!

  9. SOOOO glad Charles is better! I love your sense of humor! Thanks for
    all the laughs. Cathy