jeudi 19 janvier 2012

It`s not so 'tranquille' after all.................

I adore this tiny hamlet where we live here in deepest Normandie. A rural hamlet of timeworn, stone buildings passed down through the generations from father to son. 

No brash street lighting or busy roads; just tiny lanes - and no shops.  A crossroads, a beautiful little 14th century church and the petite "mairie"  - the mayoress's office at the heart of our community. Nothing ever happens - it is always silent and that's just the way we like it...... a life of pure "tranquillite".

 I think you may have already guessed that there is a  big "BUT" coming (don`t be so rude..... I know what you are thinking there.....not my derriere!!!). of last week changed all that! One evening the village was suddenly awash with  "Gendarmes" - 30 or so police officers driving along the narrow roads and down a track to surround a small cottage hidden away amongst the trees - a quaint little house with a large barn  just visible from the road.

What they discovered has amazed us all!! In the large barns was a factory growing one of the largest cannabis crops ever found in Northern France!! ZUT ALORS!!!!

So ..............something has been going on right under our noses! I wonder if that is why Jacques was always smiling as he drove his tractor through the lanes? Is that why the cows are always lying down? Is that why my electricity bill is so big this year?

As we speak Tartelette is mid-flight on her way to Paris to rampage around the flea markets. If you read her blog it is very humbling  - and she does most definitely need a break. So... I may not even abuse her as I usually do but instaed may even buy her a 'chocolat chaud' in the Cafe Florian in St Mark's Square, Venice next week!

Tartelletes blog is here...........

I now read in the news that Johnny Depp and Vanessa have sadly separated which - is all the more reason for me to be in Venice to help him furnish that new palace he's just bought and to give him some support. Well, it would only be the right thing to wouldn`t it, mes belles?


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  1. I hope you two have a fabulous time together! Eat lots, play hard and be happy. - Cheers Kim xox

  2. Shirley, I am so happy to find your Tartellete's blog. What a wonderful person she is, and I can pretty much understand why you think so highly of her. She really is deserving of this trip, so love on her and have a BALL!
    P.S. I live in a hamlet, too. Should we be checking out our local barns??

  3. It is always the quiet places where all the action goes on behind closed doors! Johnny Depp has separated from his wife!!!!!!! How did I not know this? On my way to Venice now. You can do the interiors and I will do the supporting ;) xxxx

  4. Oh my! Seems the cannabis growers loved the "tranquillitie" as much as you do!Lol! So happy....ahem.... I mean sad to hear about JD and Vanessa......I'm pretty sure I should join you in your quest to make him feel better *winks*....Off to see you tartellete's blog....Vanna

  5. No, really? Johnny Depp sad.

    I hear he needs French drapes and fabrics...hmmm
    Just kidding.

    Now, that's news to find out - cannabis in a barn. Who knew?

  6. Gosh, very exciting. The world-over is going "green" so your neighbours may have lost something in the translation. As for poor wee Johnny D, well why dont we form a international support group of "mature" women and visit on masse to help him through the pain?

    By the way, love the music clips, particularly the French.

  7. What excitement in your sleepy little village, 30 police cars though, is that absolutely necessary!

    Tartlette is indeed an amazing soul. I hope you all have a magnificent time - I'm sure you will!

  8. Oh always a pleasure to read your blog, as they say around here "you crack me up", perhaps quite apt!
    Sad news about Jonny & Vanessa, I bet Ryan Air will flights will be sold out! Another little secret tho, I already knew, and am writing this from our temporary love nest, until our mansion has been furnished. Must go now as M.Depp requires his peeled grapes.
    T X
    ps, we will def be coming to visit this year, sounds too good to miss.
    pps, have a wonderful break in Venice, bring Tartlette round for hot chocolate with us!!