samedi 28 janvier 2012

Tartelette, Frou Frou and that poor unsuspecting gondolier!

I won`t bore you again with the sights of Venice but I can tell you that four days with Tartelette and Frou Frou both on good form and both "loose cannons" have made my ribs hurt from the constant laughter.

We arrived late in Venice so went straight to our hotel.After breakfast the next morning we stepped out into the bright winter sunshine and Tartlette immediately spotted a gondola tied up to the stone steps in front of our hotel. In her usual enthusiastic way ( that is an understatement too!) she had soon accosted the poor unsuspecting gondolier who was enjoying his morning expresso.

He told them that when the Pope visited Venice a few years ago he was one of the chosen goldoliers who rowed the ceremonial gondola.Of course that was the deciding factor and she and Frou Frou were off for a tour! I only just had time to grab my camera!

And they were off! To add to their total joy the gondolier seranaded them as they swished through the jade green waters.........
I soon lost sight of them but I could still hear them laughing so I walked down a few tiny side streets to catch a glimpse of them......................
I could hear the laughter getting closer and saw him delivering them home............
Just look at those faces! Who DO they think they are? !!

By the time they were back on dry land they had completed their full interrogation and knew his family history, age, details of his children and quite possibly his shoes size too!!

As for poor Mark he spent the day trying his hardest to be a tour guide but with three women, hoards of wonderful shops and hidden alleyways he was fighting a loosing battle!!

I do believe it was just toooooooooooooooooooo tempting........................

Mark finally gave up and ordered strong alchohol as we girls sat out at a cafe in the Jewish quarter and sang the Barbara Streisand songs from Yentyl.

Papa could you hear us?..............

Coming next ..................Frou Frou and Tartelette head for Cafe Florian.

A la prochaine......

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh I so loved your account of this extraordinary trip with your friends and your photos display the joy and fun. Such treasured memories
    I can't wait to hear your next episode
    Helen (my heart is in Venice)

  2. It was so muh fun...poor mark having to deal with all those un-aproved shop stops...hehe xx

  3. Let's go Venice...woo hoo - I love this post. Amazing pictures and now I want to be there.

    Great story, Shirley. As only "you" can tell them. Have a blast and just know we are waiting to hear all about it.

  4. I can't believe those narrow back streets exist. Are you sure you were not on some film set. Absolutely remarkable. What, no gondola ride for you? I hear they are really expensive! So glad you had a good time filled with laughter. Nice to have you back in blogland xxxxx

  5. Looove to see these photos and picture all of the fun you 4 had there! Waiting for the next chapter at Cafe Florian!!

  6. Simply Fabulous! I hope you all had a fantastic time.I am sure lots of laughter and fabulous shopping.Hope you are feeling better too.Thanks for sharing~Cheers Kim

  7. Hello, My mum (Carol & Graham who have met you at Anne & Normans & Freddie & Mo ) told me about your blog as i am thinking of taking my husband to Venice. What lovely photos. Could you reccomend a nice hotel ??