mardi 3 janvier 2012

Le Baron du Breuil update...............

I woke up at 4am again so went to on check Charles. I found him still curled up on the sofa; he hadn`t moved at all from the evening before so I gave him a syringe of glucose water and left him curled up on a quilt. It was blowing a huge gale outside so I was rather glad he was safely indoors.

At 7am I came back downstairs again and he followed me into the cuisine and sat by the cat flap a while before going out into the lashing wind and rain. I waited for him to come straight back in but he did not appear. So, for the next 10 minutes you would have found me in my coat getting soaked in the garden with a torch trying to find where he was hiding! He eventually appeared from the cellar under the house and I carried him back inside, got him settled and put the kettle on whilst I went to dry off! Charles went to sleep on his quilt again.

He didn`t move all morning but I was delighted when, after lunch, I managed to get him to eat a very tiny amount of tuna.

Since then he has nipped outside once more but he is still not himself. I took the advice from Nicole who advised a strong smelling fish, found some prawns in the freezer and defrosted a couple. He ate them with relish and went back to sleep. He has had a couple more prawns but is still on the sofa cuddled up.

So, it looks as if things are slowly getting better as he has started to eat a little.

I will keep you updated and thank you all for your comments and support.

Merci mes belles.........

7 commentaires:

  1. Great news from the Chateau - For, without the Baron du Breuil, where would we be?! Bonne courage, Shirley! xxx

  2. Brilliant News! And that's exactly why they say cats have 9 lives. They keep coming back. He's well on the mend now. you can get some sleep :-)

  3. I pray he springs back soon, little guy.
    He's lucky to have you.

  4. Oh such good news, have you tried him on a tinned sardine, they are quite stinky, I buy a big tin and Florence & Michael share them!
    Keeping everything crossed.
    T X

  5. Happy New Year Shirley! So glad that the Baron is on the mend.
    Jo xx

  6. Glad to hear the wee boy has perked up, sounds like he is ready for more mischief - better keep him away from those glorious slippers, they look just the right frilly object one of my cats would like to play with when noone is looking.

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