dimanche 15 janvier 2012

The dapper Monsieur Bourreau

We arrived at the school ready for the auction of its contents (as mentioned in my last blog). This is sight which met our eyes as we entered the gates................

The world and his two brothers, their aunts and uncles had all turned up too!!! It was, bitterly bitterly cold even in the sunshine - but all the seats were full as the ever dapper Monsieur Bourreau had just started the auction.

Everyone was muffled up warm against the biting cold save for Monsieur Bourreau ,who wore his usual suit and waistcoat ( though his wife standing next to him, above, was well wrapped up!) He must have had thermals on methinks!! I felt so sorry for his secretary taking notes of the sales. She was sitting at a desk in the courtyard with her lap top ( see below) - and she looked SO cold!

It soon became apparent that the prices were hideously high. I think that everyone who had ever attended the school had turned up to try and buy a little sentimental 'morceau' of their childhood. But Monsieur B was on good form so we stayed a while to watch. The old school bell which must have rung out thousands of times caused quite a stir - and the bidding was fierce for this 19th century treasure , eventually selling for 300 Euros.

We were allowed to take a peek inside the school rooms whilst the auction progressed..............

When this old 'science class' piece was auctioned off it caused quite a stir!
...the phones hot with bids from several Parisian dealers.
The phone bids also streamed in for some educational  wall charts...
...these eventually selling for 900 Euros! But as for those divine old cast iron radiators...
...I`ll just have to keep on dreaming!!!

A la prochaine, mes belles!

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow - some incredible items in that sale! Pity the prices were so high.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wow, even on a cold January morning. As you say,everyone and their brothers in tow, I hate when that happens. You will just have to keep trawling my dear! I am having auction withdrawals at the moment, last one was 2 weeks before Christmas, must get back into the swing!

  3. Oh, I have been waiting to see how you did here. I am screaming at the prices!! 900 Euros for those charts!!! Shirley, I used to teach art in this marvelous old high school built in 1827. When I outgrew my classroom they gave me the enormous old Science lab and storage room on the the 3rd floor--13 huge windows, big old lab desks with sinks, drawers with jars in them containing preserved lamb and rabbit fetuses,[ my photo students LOVED to snap those] a suitcase with rubber babies from 6 weeks to 8 months, masses of test tubes, pale green bottles and cloches, antique wooden test tube holders [ so cool for flowers], and the most darling skeleton!! But my favorite thing was a full size human male anatomical wall chart-- Charlie, I called him. He was gorgeous. Well, when I came back from summer vacation one year, Charlie was missing!! Someone had stolen him!! Now I realize it wasn't because of his attractive spleen. He must have been worth a mint! [Sorry for this long-winded comment-my ire's up!!!]
    Ciao, Bella [ getting you ready for Venice]

    1. Well how terrible, and those prices...sorry but I have seen better stuff in skips..sorry to be negative, but you just look at some of the things and the cost of no no ..the world has gone mad
      Hugs Lynn xxx