mardi 7 février 2012

Ugg boots - or perhaps they should be Glugg boots!!

Frou Frou has been here today while Mr Frou Frou helped Mark plaster the walls in my new office studio. I will post pictures later in the week .When I look at the photographs of what that old pig pen building looked like when we first moved here compared to its transformation now and can see my new studio taking shape it is just wonderful - and I can`t wait to have a place to store all my stock and to sit working at my desk looking out through the french windows onto the marsh beyond.

After a few Etsy and Ebay listings Miss Frou Frou and I decided to take a walk along the marsh track. Although still freezing cold it is dry and sunny and we seem to have been fortunate and missed the snow that has blanketed much of southern  UK and parts of France. Digger and Kipper set off at a brisk pace whilst we tagged on behind, dressed like eskimos.

Because it is so dry I had donned my new Venice-bought fur Ugg boots. For the whole walk I carefully avoided each puddle saying "Noooooooooo........ I don`t want to dirty my new Venice boots!".

We had a long walk - and the marsh is still so very beautiful even at this time of year. However, as we approached the track back to the chateau a hunter came driving along towards us in his van. We moved onto the thick grass to let him pass and continued along the springy grass a little but as I stepped back onto the track ........GLUG!    I sank up to my knees and my boots disappeared into the thick gloopy mud! My boots were stuck so fast that I had to step out of them, losing my socks in the process, leaving me standing there bare footed with freezing 'gloop' between my toes  - which I noticed also had a distinct aroma of cow manure!!

Frou Frou was unable to help me, simply standing there laughing with her legs crossed as the sight was so hysterical; she was in danger of having an accident herself through laughing too much! We shouted for help but no one at home could hear us so I had no choice but to get on all fours to retrieve my new boots and then walk home bare footed! Needless to say the boots are now in the washing machine and I am not sure how or if they will come out!      Huh!!  They might even come out looking like a pair of furry little mouse boots!

As for my new blog header picture above -  isn`t it just fascinating? It was sent to me by someone who from time to time calls to sell me the most amazing treasures. I am fascinated just in case he took that picture in his own attic or in one of his barns. I will keep you posted on that one!

As for Etsy - I am loving it and trade is quite brisk. It gives me an opportunity to dig out all those small items that I have been hoarding away in boxes for years!!

I have also listed on Ebay today the most amazing 1930s Paris Opera Ballet hareem outfit. Oh, how I long to be able to squeeze into it and run around the garden like an overgrown albino bat!

And I definitely mean the garden and NOT the marsh!! I think I'll give it a miss until the land dries up a bit!!

A demain mes belles...............

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  1. Oh no! I hope you can save your new uggs that is too funny as well as so sad for your new booties.Best of luck~Cheers Kim

  2. Your new header photo is so mysterious and I would so love to dig away in there.Do let us know if you find out~Cheers Kim

  3. hello Kim,i saw your lovely items on ebay and now i'm visiting your blog!I will help you to dig in the header photo.Kind regards,Ingrid

  4. miss Newark! You are having a larf misses!! xxx

  5. Gorgeous header picture I love it xx
    Thank you for my tiny book of recipes it is just perfect and beautiful xxxxx

  6. Oh no - disastro mon amie! That's Spench :-)
    I would have liked to see a picture of the boots. Reminds me of the time John and I went for a hike in Corfu. We were deep in the hills when it started to rain. There is a lot of red dust in Corfu that, when it rains turns to clay which gathers on your shoes and sets like a red brick! Remind me to dig that photo out for you. I had an entire bucket of clay attached to my feet which weighed a ton!
    I think we should mug that woman in the banner pic and raid her shed - you in?