lundi 27 février 2012

Some of yesterdays treasures...........Adieu mon coeur!

A whole day trawling the brocantes and street markets yesterday................heaven!! I lost my heart so many times.....Adieu mon coeur!

I found this 1920s hand-painted linen boudoir doll face ............
I don`t think it has ever been used and was wrapped in old tea coloured tissue paper.
She would be perfect for a restoration project.

Delicious shabby old tin candle holders with spring clips...............

still wax covered....I wonder when it was that they last transformed a Christmas tree into a twinkling delight?
A host of trousseau monogram stamps.

Divine old school work books.

Old sepia ink documents and manuscripts dating from the 1600s with some delicious wax seals still intact.

Couronne crowns are always a wonderful find!
A scrumptious vintage Italian wedding cake box with a train label for Nice and then on to Grasse in Provence.

Regal medals with ribbons.

Divine old trousseau linens with handworked monograms.

Religious medals with their old soft blue ribbons still attached.

Old jewellers postage boxes still with red wax seals.

A host of softly coloured 19th century boudoir prints...........Grand amour at the ball.................

Mademoiselle is gently awoken by her maid..........
Le Coucher............Mademoiselle is helped to her slumber by her servants.
The suitor waits whilst his Mademoiselle is pampered.

Don`t you just adore Sundays and a host of brocantes filled with treasures?

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  1. Oh too funny the boudoir doll face looks like you know... Miss Tartelette! Lovin the couronne crowns myself.You always have the greatest of the great~Cheers Kim

  2. What a booty! Bloody marvellous. I had a good auction day yesterday too :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, such lovely treasures!!! I adore the cake box . Please let me know if you decide to part with it.



  4. Dear Shirley,
    Our flea markets are closed from Nov. 1 to April 1. I am now truly suffering from a seemingly terminal case of withdrawal! Thank you for the brocante "fix!"
    Peace & Plenty,

  5. You found some lovely treasure. Looks like a fun day

    I love your musis.

  6. Great finds. You have a discerning eye. At least our taste in small treasures is similar, so you must be discerning.

    I'd written previosly looking for one of those hand door knockers you see in all the vieux villages. Found one here in CA, USA for $580. Too much? Do you ever see them in the brocantes there? We've been to several brocantes in our France travels, but never run across one. Thanks!

  7. Dear Shirley,
    What a lovely blog and an inspiring site. This must have been a wonderful experience. Beats Shapton even on a sunny Sunday!

  8. Gorgeous finds Shirley and what absolute heaven, a day trawling Brocantes and street markets, can't think of a better way to spend a day.
    Jo xx

  9. Ooh what gorgeous, gorgeous treasures, love them all, shame it wasnt here. Julie xxx

  10. Marielle
    I have tried so hard to cintact you but each email comes!!!!