mardi 26 juin 2012

18th Century Boudoir prints...........

Although  lashing with rain ( yet again; will it ever stop!) we set off at 6.00am Sunday morning for a brocante - if only to see if anyone was brave enough to unpack their wares. Only a few brocanteurs had decided to unpack, but from under a sheet of plastic covering a host of boxes I saw something that looked 'delicieux'!!

A batch of soft green-coloured floral covers with scrolled and curled lettering and I could just make out the words -"Dix huitieme siecle"........................18th century". I pulled out a batch of these wonderful albums and knew I would buy them just for the covers.....I didn`t really care what was inside them.

But when I opened them up I was amazed! Each album was brimming with beautiful boudoir prints. Some softly coloured, some black & white, some with poems and crests and some bedecked with winged cherubs.

I know that had it not been raining they would have been snapped up the minute they were unpacked and I would have missed them.

I have kept some albums for myself so I can frame the covers and some of the prints; the others I have listed  on my Ebay site.

For once the rain at the brocante was a good thing!!

A la prochaine mes belles

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