samedi 9 juin 2012

Moonlight in a bath towel...........

So............... why was I in the garden at 4am last night in a lashing gale wearing only a bath towel and a cardigan?

Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw, my constant companion and my " grand amour", was ill. He was refusing to come back in the house (very unlike him) - and was simply lying in the long grass.

The evening before was trash or " dustbin man" day as we English say. Because we are so remote ( the dust cart cannot turn at the end of our lane) we have to take our rubbish bags to the top of the track so that they can be collected. Sir Digbert, who is known for his love of food ( he is not fat as some people say - just portly, I say!!) had decided to trot up to the top of the lane, break into some bin liners and ate what left-overs he could find!

This is Sir Digbert who, just an hour or so before, had had his supper. So he was not hungry to say the least.

So, of course, yesterday evening Diggers was feeling ill -  suffering with sickness and all that goes with it. It was too late to visit the vet and all the internet help I found said to give it 24 hours and make sure he did not get dehydrated. I tried to get him to drink but to no avail, although I did get him to lick an ice cube or two.

Every so often he dashed outside to be ill. I watched him closely all night - and, at 4am, he went outside but did not come back in. I grabbed the nearest things possible ( bath towel and cardigan, and Mark donned his dressing gown) and we went in search of my boy, only to find him several minutes later lying in the grass in the moonlight with his eyes closed.  

I managed to get him back indoors where he drank a whole bowl of water before going back off to sleep. I of course did not sleep; all manner of things go through your head as to what may have caused his problems. He is over 12 years old now and I panic if he is out of sorts.

Today though he woke up, trotted into the kitchen, ate the cats food - and then started on a dog chew which he had retrieved from his secret supply!!!

He is extremely perky; we, on the other hand, are very bleary eyed!!

But I still got up for a brocante this morning but fell foul of the seller we have nicknamed " Monsieur, do not touch". I have purchased only a few items from him in the past because his stock ( which is mainly 'man-tiques' anyway) is, to my mind, over priced.  But he always has huge signs all over his stand saying  " DO NOT TOUCH". 

Today he had varied his stock - and many smaller items were on display in glass-covered cases. I was intrigued and went to have a peek. As I pointed out a tiny, old camera in the case to Mark my finger lightly touched the glass of the case.  " MADAME, NE TOUCHE PAS" he yelled. So............ as well at not touching his items, you are now forbidden to touch the glass that protects them?

OH PLEASE!!! Give me strength! I sometimes wonder how he manages to sell anything!

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  1. Sir dingbert is adorable! I hope that he is feeling better. Old dogs do cause one to be slightly protective and in my case neurotic. My pup is going to be 12 and she has Cushings disease...and every complication that comes with it, but I don't care because I love her and will do anything, even sit on the porch at 3:30 am watching while she is sick...thankfully in my case it wasn't raining.

    I love your new sconces from the church and the looks are looking fabulous.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Having spent a night running around my yard, in my pj's, chasing a raccoon away from my chickens, I feel for you! ~ Maureen

    1. Maureen.............a raccoon!! A Raccoon!!! I want a raccoon!!! I have seen them on TV!!!

  3. Poor Sir Digbert! They do have sensitive little stomachs. Glad he's perky again. My old Mutti gives our BooBoo a piece of everything she eats, much to our constant chastisement, and Boo gets "bound up" so we have to give her a dish of warm milk and olive oil! She loves it and it gets her "moving" again!
    And no, Shirley, I don't think you want a raccoon!!! For as cute as they are, they're vicious little buggers!!
    p.s. left you a message on your house renovation June 1 post.

  4. Diggers sounds like he had a bad case of wind and the "dirty brown" as we call it! Use your imagination :-)

  5. So glad he has recovered and understand how you feel. Our cat is 18 this year and has lost her nose to cancer. I worry about her most of the time and give her every treat she crys for and she knows that she has us wrapped around her little paw. I too am up in the night checking on her and giving her milk and her chew stick treats - what ever makes her happy makes me happy, if just a bit tired at times!