vendredi 29 juin 2012

A Ninja at the chateau!!

Is that a highly trained Ninja at the chateau? 

Or even worse a masked intruder making off with my textile archive in a sack?`s Mark! As you can see the mahogony parquet floor we bought from an old chateau has now been laid - and I adore it!! 

We have hired a sanding machine for the weekend and despite there being a bag to collect the sawdust poor Mark is still getting it in the face. We didn`t buy any face masks so he is making do with a 19th century damask napkin................monogrammed of course!!!

I called into a local brocante today about half an hour after it had opened. 

I stopped in my tracks as I saw the most divine tapestry covered old gilded double stool that I have ever seen. It was edible..totally edible. Faded chippy gesso and wonderful distressed tapestry that was possibly Aubusson. All original and totally stunning. I knew I had to have it and it would sit perfectly at the end of our bed.

I imagine my face when the brocanter told me that just 10 minutes earlier a man had reserved it for his wife to go and see on Sunday to see if she likes it or not.......... please make it be "not" !!!!

So now I have to wait until Sunday to see if madame wants it..........will she want it?  ( sniff.....slight sob!)

Will it be mine? If not then it was not meant to be.( more sniffs...a gulp....and a wail).....if so....WHOOPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! 

I will keep you posted mes belles!!

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