mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Plenty more .................

Well the footstool was not to be.......................sniff! Madame loved it  as I knew she would.

 Oh well.....plenty more fish in the sea, croissants in the oven, macaroons in the patisserie, stools in the chateau and all that!  I will keep truffling until another comes along.

I shall console myself in the newly sanded floor. I am amazed at how all the old dirt and grime has lifted.

Next the floor will be sealed and waxed, then we paint the walls, windows and large arched folding doors. The fireplace will be erected and the new log burning stove will be installed. 

Then............................ooh la la! I can really start !!! I have been hiding a host of treasures for years waiting for this room to appear. I have stashed away velvet and silk embroidered portieres, silk lampshades,row upon row of old timeworn leather books, a pair of silk damask sofas, a divine gilded coffee table, wall sconces and chandeliers. I have almost forgotten what they look like now.

I now regret selling that matched pair of ivory silk chateau curtains..............bring them back immediately!

So............Let the fun begin!!

A la prochaine mes belles.

5 commentaires:

  1. That floor is beautiful! I think I'd have to have a roll round on it before the furniture went in!

  2. Hi Missy
    I was tempted to put chairs around the edges and organise a dance!!

  3. Your floor is beautiful and I cannot wait to see all of your marvelous furnishings installed.

    How exciting

    Helen xx

  4. Thanks Helen
    I am a bit hesitant to tell the truth....I have waited so long for this room its now a bit daunting!!

  5. Wow. what a difference!
    Your floor looks great. Love the pattern of it.
    I am sure they will look fabulous when all done.

    Julie x