dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Hot air at the chateau...............

Early this morning I was laying out a couple of 19th century tapestry panels to dry on the grass ( as you do on a Sunday morning!!) and I was stopped in my tracks by the strangest of sounds coming from the marsh. It sounded like a huge fire breathing dragon approaching!! I called for Mark as the noise got louder and then out of the early morning mist came a hot air balloon just visible in the suns glare......

It passed over the roof of the chateau...................

Charles le Baron was fascinated. He thought it was a huge bird for him to catch and he sat there chattering his teeth!
He thought his petit dejeuner had arrived!!

Bonne Dimanche mes belles
Bisous from the chateau

5 commentaires:

  1. What, no truffling this morning?

  2. Not even a truff today Di....a long lazy lunch in the garden for 8 today taking in this rare sunshine. Can you come and help me wash up now please?
    Mind you...after seeing what Frou Frou came back with today I wish`d I`d gone!!

  3. Good morning Shirley! What a wonderful place, a dream of mine to live there in Normandy! My regards to Baron Charles..., Margit from Germany

  4. Missed you truffling this weekend.. was sure we would have seen you somewhere! Love this background track. Lizzie