jeudi 19 juillet 2012

Brocante truffling at dawn.......

It`s 4am............. are you ready? No time for 'une cafe'; you`ll have to grab one when you get there.
Out into the darkness, and dive in the car. I`ll drive... you can sleep on the way!

Wake up.....dawn is you know, you have been snoring like a truffle pig?

Okay we've arrived. Get your bags and trolley, everyone is standing around,waiting for the brocante to start.

Quick! The sellers have started to unload their vans. The brocante has started. We're off!! So much to see.....

I adore this wrought iron screen. Fortunately it will not fit in the car and I have nowhere to use it at the chateau! Keep walking - there is more being unpacked....

Mademoiselle!! Put some clothes on... it`s not even 9am!

Always lots of great characters to see here!
Some clever Paris dealer is covering club chairs in printed linen & hemp. I just love you?

Everything is here....from this sublime chair.... the ridiculous!!

I am shattered.....time for that 'cafe' now.
Well, I think I am done. Have you finished too, or are you going back out to do a little more truffling ?!!

6 commentaires:

  1. You're a brave woman to tackle that time in the morning! I'm not sure I would have your drive :-). Exciting news on the chateau, you must be excited. How long has it taken?

    1. We have been at it here for nearly 3 years now! It had been empty for over 10 years and initially we lived in the old house until we could move in. We moved in with a host of workers though..I actually thought the electrican was part of the family as he was here so long!!
      Hope you are not too wind lashed? Raining here YET again! Paris yesterday was scorching hot and got back here to surprise there then!!!!

  2. I couldn't have left the wrought iron screen.....omg!!

    1. Stop it you minx!! I already regret that one!!

  3. I so enjoy each post, especially brocante posts like this. It's like being there, Shirley. You are a joy to visit.