lundi 30 juillet 2012

Flying topless.........

This weekend saw the amazing annual kite festival take place at Barneville plage. Always the most gorgeous array of kites take to the sky......

......but this year there was THE most amazing spectacle and I didn`t manage to catch it with my camera!

Mr Frou Frou took along his huge kite this year. The kind of kite that you hold with 2 handles and it propels you along the sand on a kind of skate board.

All was going fine and dandy until the Miss Frou Frou (my daughter) decided she would like to do it too.

She held the kite handles but as she is so light it lifted her into the air, dumped her face down on the sand and dragged her along until she was rescued. She was very conscious not to let go of the precious kite!!

On the second attempt it was decided that she would hold fast to the handles and Mr Frou Frou would hold her feet so she couldn`t fly too high. 

She took off so quickly that Mr Frou Frou just managed to grab her by the shorts and at the same time her bikini top flew off!!

He couldn`t let her shorts go as she would take flight and she couldn`t let go of the kite as it would be gone.

So......the mortified Miss Frou Frou did a topless flying exhibition until the kite decided to put her firmly back on the sand.

Why...oh why....did I not have my camera handy?!!!

It`s no good running to the dunes to hide mademoiselle everyone saw it!!

Will this be an annual event I wonder?!!!

A la prochaine mes belles

5 commentaires:

  1. I'm laughing until the tears are running! You have a burlesque, kite flying daughter! I bet that was the most watched kite on the beach. lol ~ Maureen

    1. I must tell her she is now "burlesque".....she`ll love it!!

  2. You tell absolutely the best stories...seriously I am laughing so hard.

    Poor Miss Frou Frou...but it's not like they've never seen topless before, right?

    1. I did say to Frou Frou that lots of boobs had been seen on the beach but she said "yes but they have never seen MINE!!!!"

    2. Oh lord Shirley!
      I am so sorry Frou Frou but i am laughing so much as "let's go fly a kite" just started playing lol!!! x