lundi 16 juillet 2012

Marie Antoinette`s travel bag.............

When Marie Antoinette travelled she always took along her necessaire de voyage.......................

An amazing array of silverware, fine enamelled pieces and even her own monogrammed tiny teapot and cup....

Somehow makes my battered old leather travel bag that holds a bit of lippy and some moisturiser quite a sad affair!!

A la prochaine mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. I have a battered old bag too, oh no, wait, that's me. I usually travel with my toiletries in a Tesco carrier bag. I'm so stylish.

    We don't quite know where Meg got those looks and brains from. We think she was swopped at the hospital! No, really!!!
    Di :-)

  2. Those travel cases are so beautiful! ~ Maureen