vendredi 20 juillet 2012

The crown couronne of a Baron Allemand.....

I love love love this!!!! I found it truffling at the huge brocante I mentioned in my last post.

I think it is Belgian and the wording may be Flemish and I think it is a salt box. But who cares what it`s edible mes belles!!!

It really flicks all the switches................the couronne crown of a German Baron.....( 7 points for a Baron Allemande)

Wonderful inscriptions..........

A divine heart finial...........
and that colour...soft Gustavian grey...........
I suppose that the early bird did get the worm this week!!!

So am I keeping it? Non mes belles....I am going to love being the keeper for a week or so and I am listing it tonight in my auctions.

It is just a wonderful visitor to the chateau!!

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles

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    1. Don`t start..............I`ll end up keeping it!!

  2. I think you should keep it. Don't let it be the one that got away. Keep it at the bottom of your outside steps with salt in for the winter, or it would work just as well as a mail box.

  3. You are all just as bad as one another fuelling my addictions...............I`m going to end up in the Betty Ford clinic as a sad old hoarder in a house filled with carrier bags of stuff!!

  4. Translating:
    O myn dierbaar vaderland=" oh my dear birth country"
    Gedenkenis van oorlog= "war memorabilia"
    A.Gosseye from town called Geerardsbergen
    Geraardsbergen (French: Grammont) is a city and municipality located in the Denderstreek and in the Flemish Ardennes, the hilly southern part of Belgium.

    Hope this helps -Colette x