dimanche 10 mars 2013

Fete des meres........

Miss Frou Frou made me a mother`s day special high tea today......

Home made scones, jam and cream, some dainty sandwiches, fresh strawberries and the odd chocolat rabbit or two!!

 All served with antique linens to the sound of a chicken tapping the window with his beak. I think she wanted to come in and taste the treats!!!

I had to bring some back to the chateau for Mark as he has injured his back and can hardly move. It is looking like a doctors visit tomorrow. He carried a large parcel that was not heavy but an awkward shape and as he put it down he must have pulled or twisted something. He has been in pain ever since.

Did I eat all of those scones AND a chocolat rabbit? Well I had a good attempt! It looks like I will be carrying the parcels a la poste this week with Mark out of action so I will need the extra strength......almost a good excuse!!

A la prochaine mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Lucky you - my lot are spread around the globe. I got a bottle of fizz and the England v Italy rugby match!

  2. MMM, looks good and the taste must be wonderful. What a nice treasure you found. Beautiful curtains!!! Bye, Lilian

  3. Dear Shirley,
    That looks so charming! I love the chickens at the window! Sorry about Mark! I find that if I dress well when I head into the Post Office and feign helplessness some gent headed into the Post Office always helps! Sorry Gloria Steinem!
    Peace & plenty,