vendredi 8 mars 2013

La maison de ma grandmere.....

With the first sunny day today for what seems like years we went out for lunch!

Le Rideau Cramoisi is a local bar and restaurant that does not cater for the tourist market and serves good hearty French fayre. It is always packed to bursting with locals which always a sign of good food!

As we ate the most beautiful young girl entered the bar, she had that wonderful natural flair that French women seem to have without any effort! Totally stylish with her curls in a topknot tumbling around her face. I commented that she was so typically French and so beautiful.

After the meal as we prepared to leave the same girl rushed over to us and asked where we lived as she thought she recognised us as the people who live in her old family home. It turned out that she is the great-grand daughter of Madame Guerin who was the last person to live in Le Petit Chateau!

She told us she had walked down the lane a few weeks ago and had stood outside but did not have the nerve to come and knock the door. I told her that she MUST come and see us and look at the renovations.

But, secretly more than that I want to photograph her face to show you!!! She is THE most typically French belle that I have seen! She could have been wearing a period gown with a parasol and would not have looked out of place! I will wait till she arrives then photograph her by the chateau gates and I can post the photograph here!!!

Have a wonderful weekend mes belles

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh I'm so jealous of your French adventures. It's so long since we've managed to visit due to family circs. Can you share the location of that bar? It sort of looks familiar.

    Looking forward to seeing your pic of the French beauty - how wonderful that she found you! Cx

  2. Hi there
    It is in Ste Saveur le Vicompte.....fab food!!! Let us know when you can come over and we`ll do lunch there together

  3. I thought I recognised it! I know exactly where it is. Thanks for the invite - but not sure when we will get over again. Though still hoping... Cx