samedi 9 mars 2013

Nooooooooo.....not the girouette!!

I have been watching the renovations of the old house close to us. You may remember a year or so ago It was for sale and I asked on my blog " would you be my neighbour?"

Work started on the roof last week and the adorable old zinc weathervane that dates from the early 1800s was still in place.

This morning Sir Digbert Fanshaw Brownshaw trotted around there so I went to locate him.

Imagine my horror when I looked up to see that the girouette had gone.

 I found it smashed to pieces on the floor having simply been thrown down from the rooftop.

Admittedly it was full of bullet holes from the local hunters taking pot shots at it for fun but I would have found a way to restore it.

I found all the pieces I could and asked the new owner if I could take them and he was happy for me to help myself...... he couldn`t understand my fascination for them. I dragged it home with Sir Digbert in tow. He sat patiently while I tried to figure the parts out.

I managed to save a few zinc flowers and acanthus leaves. I am sure that someone will love them as much as I do!


I am sure there were a couple of crossed arrows on the top.....I will go hunting the next time the new owner arrives. He already thinks I am mad so I may as well just confirm it for him!!

Bonne weekend mes belles


2 commentaires:

  1. Quel dommage! How sad that some people don't appreciate the treasures they have... xxx

  2. Crazy in love with vintage!! The good kind of crazy.