jeudi 14 mars 2013

The track to the chateau.....

Any offers to dig us out?

4 commentaires:

  1. G will be round with his shovel any minute now...(OMG is it really that bad?)Cx

  2. Hi Cecile
    I have never seen anything like it and it happened in 24 hours!

  3. I blame the Hadron Collider.

    Actually even here in Salisbury we've had snow showers - though nothing has settled. Been bitterly cold though. Such a contrast to last March which was so sunny and warm. Though then it rained from April to September so perhaps we'll have a drier summer this year.We can but hope! Cx

  4. Dear Shirley,
    Sheila and I will be there with our shovels, snow rakes and snow brushes asap! We have had snow storms, blizzards, nor'easters and squalls since Christmas week. I think at last count we were up to a seasonal snowfall of over 70." We are so good at shoveling now that we could do it professionally! Does Frou Frou help you with digging out?! Our only requirement is that you provide an unlimited supply of hot chocolate...