jeudi 6 juin 2013

A little Paris truffling

Frou Frou and I went off to Paris on Tuesday for a little truffling! We always split up and agree to meet for coffee.  It is so funny when we finally meet  up as one or the other us will  have an item that the other one has looked at or almost bought.

 Obviously growing up surrounded by my treasures must have taken some effect on Frou Frou without her knowing!

 Frou Frou had many of the items I had walked away from as I couldn`t haggle the seller down to a realistic price. She of course had managed to beat them down to a much better price that I does she do it?!! It`s that look of innocence and pure hurt she can do when something is too expensive.....the monsieurs fall for it every time!

There was a stunning picture frame she had tried to buy and I had managed to get it as part of a deal with a bundle of items.
We always have coffee saying " oh...I tried to buy that or how did you manage get that?" !!

There was a huge and incredibly heavy pile of wonderful hand loomed home spun linen chanvre sheets that could only be sold as a lot and the seller would not separate. They were so heavy it was unbelievable.

I looked, walked away, went back, looked again, walked away and went back to find them gone. Oh well...he who hesitates and all that.  So who comes around the corner ten minutes later with five moustachioed monsieurs in a line carrying the haul of sheets for her?

You guessed it!! That`s my girl!!!
If it was anyone else I would wrestle them to the ground and beat them with a baguette!!

If I have given her nothing else I have given her the truffling gene and brocantitis.......not such a bad thing!!

And the artists box above was my favourite find of the day....simply delicieux!

A la prochaine mes belles.

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