samedi 15 juin 2013

Teach me to dance!!

No...I haven't been locked up in an armoire somewhere!

The last few weeks have simply been so busy with the D Day celebrations, Remembrance services and activities here in Normandie - where our home is situated right where the action occurred. You will not believe how many old bullets we have dug up in the chateau grounds.

The celebrations actually start well before D day itself, when you catch glimpses of people wearing 1940s costumes everywhere you go and, very soon,  the villages and towns are full of people zipping about in American jeeps and even the odd tank is not an unusual sight either! My favourite this year was an old 1940s black Citroen filled with four men wearing 1940s police uniforms, complete with cloaks!

There was a wonderful "Liberation ball" which we attended in 1940s costume. No pictures of me I am afraid as it would scare you all but .......

........some of the dancing couples were amazing and I am determined that, for next year's 70th anniversary ball, we will have learnt and be able to manage some kind of a jive, tango and a quickstep!

As for the kilted Monsieur on the right.....wooooooooooo could that man dance!!
This was followed a day later with a riotous dance evening in a huge marquee at a 1940s army camp set up by enthusiastic re-enactors. Amazing costumes and even more amazing dancers.


Next year I am SO joining in......

Not like this of course!!  More like this I hope.....

And just look at this cute little fella!!
And of course Miss Frou Frou in wonderful vintage style!
We went along to a military brocante sale. This stand was selling WWll artifacts that had been recovered from the region over the years....and I thought some of my stock was timeworn!!!

This weekend we are back to truffling for treasures at a local chateau brocante. Not in 1940s clothing I might add; normal service has now been resumed!

A la prochaine mes belles

2 commentaires:

  1. Love all these images. I rescued an old policeman's cape from a fire. The contents of my older neighbours house was mostly dumped apart from a few bits and bobs I rescued. The cape is rather useful, I wear it when the mood takes.I think it was used in Paris, the cape.

  2. Dancing is the most uplifting and enjoyable skill to have, and the most wonderful excuse to dress up...tea dances are frequently held now and your wonderful pictures just make me want to join in.
    I think if you just managed to master a few steps enough to give you the confidence to join in, you would have the most fabulous time, and learn whilst in action !!
    What a fabulous day and a lovely post
    Lynn xxx