vendredi 21 juin 2013


Frou Frou ( Mademoiselle la daughter) has truffled out a gorgeous batch of old silver metal monograms from an old bijouterie jewellers store.

They would have been used for jewellery boxes, bags, wallets, writing boxes etc.

All gorgeous with ribbon garland cartouches.

They were all still on their original cards too.

Does she have my initials....................NO!! huh!

I am almost considering changing my name so I can have one! Perhaps something a little more memorable?

Tatiana Baguette?

Arabella Organstopper?

Hortensia Brownshaw-fanshaw- ponsonby smallpiece smythe?

Okay, perhaps not!

Here is the link to Frou Frou`s monograms.

Bon weekend mes belles

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