dimanche 23 juin 2013


It was one of my favourite brocantes today and last night as I went to bed the rain was lashing so hoped it would "rain itself out" by morning. At 6am this morning there was no change so I do confess that sulked, turned over and went back to sleep!

At 11am curiosity got the better of me and we went for a drive just to see if anyone had been brave enough to unpack.

I was so glad we did! As we arrived the rain stopped and the few brave sellers had started to unpack. My first find was a batch of wonderful 18th century hand forged hinges. I don`t find these moustache hinges very often. They are pronounced moose-tache here!!

The batch has two types....

The curled down coy monsieur....

......and the curled up monsieur "bon viveur" !!

Perfect for any period door projects!

I shall be listing them tomorrow

A la prochaine mes belles


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