mercredi 19 juin 2013

The house of no return.................

I have been reading a wonderful book about 15th century Venice where a palace on the Grand Canal was reported to be feared even today by Venetians. Of course I had to find out more.

Palazzo Dario is the most beautiful palace built in 1486 for Giovanno Dario a diplomat and merchant.

 Local people call it “The House of No Return” because it is believed to eventually kill or ruin all of its owners, as well as anybody that has anything to do with it.

The story starts back in the 15th century when the daughter of its first owner, Giovanni Dario, committed suicide in the house after her husband went bankrupt and their son was killed in a fight.

 After these first three events, more than twelve of the palace’s owners died in mysterious circumstances including famous people such as Christopher Lambert (manager of The Who) who committed suicide, Nicoletta Ferrari who died in a car accident and industrialist Raul Gardini who killed himself under suspicious circumstances. Five other owners went bankrupt and three of them had severe accidents.

It currently belongs to a museum who maintain the stunning interior.

 The house is currently always....for sale.

So now I have to go and find it and look, from a distance....from the outside of course...with my sunglasses on so it will not recognise me!
I am not so brave as to go inside!!

A la prochaine mes belles.

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  1. I know better than to read you blog posts at work, I laugh so hard people run in to see what is so funny!! You are famous here in Arizona, Shirley. In case you should start to get fan mail. xo