mardi 20 août 2013

An angel at the chateau...............

I had to do it!! I HAD to!! I simply couldn`t leave him behind!!

This delicieux 19th century ( huge!) angel came from the private chapel of a small chateau.

He came home to our chateau wrapped to within an inch of his life in quilts on the back seat of the car whilst wearing a seat belt!

He will live on the fireplace for a while so I can gaze at him and decide where he will sit eventually!

Sometimes a girl is allowed a treat!!

So......what shall I call him?

A la prochaine mes belles

6 commentaires:

  1. Kevin has a certain ring to it !!!!!!

  2. Kevin? Suzy you can I call an angel Kev?!!!!

  3. How about Jude Anthony? They are the patron saints of desperate cases and lost causes (Jude) and lost things (Anthony). You find and re-locate lost treasures and, according to Frou-frou are ... well, anyway, it was just a thought!

  4. Dearest Len,
    I am slightly worried as to how well you know me!! I have a feeling you may be in cahoots with Miss Frou Frou!! I shall banish you both to a far flung turret of the chateau and feed you both only old very croissants and nasty cheap chocolate from Lidls!!

  5. Wow i love the look on his face. If that's not the look of a peaceful life i don't know what is. It's not the look i'll ever have on my face with all my ebay delivery problems and nightmare customers.
    Well it has to be a blackcountry name for me aynock, perhaps not for his first name but for his middle name. He could just use it on high days and holidays or for when he has to fill in an important form. I'm trying to get my self a profile rather than keep using anonyme but must be doing something wrong somewhere.

    best wishes shelly