samedi 10 août 2013

Cup cake heaven!!!

During our recent stay in London we had the time to stroll through Belgravia looking at how the other half live and then I could see it in the distance: a Paris pink delight calling me!

Well.... what can I say? Heaven may be an understatement once you have visited Peggy Porchen`s cup cake shop!

First dilemma....sit inside or out? It was a breathtakingly sunny day but then the inside of that paradise is soooo beautiful!! The interior won!

Second  dilemma. Which cupcakes to order? We went for a red velvet and a chocolate heaven.

Third dilemma. Would it seem too greedy to order again? I decided it would not be -  and bought a box to take home for Miss Frou Frou, hoping that they would survive the journey home!

You have heard the saying " Like a kid in a toy shop"? Well....this was definitely a case of  "simply- chateau in a sugar brocante"!

And then........... I saw their wonderful range of bespoke wedding cakes...

A range of the most beautiful confections I have ever seen.

So, mademoiselles, here is the plan. I don`t care who you choose, even if you hate him, but we need a Simply-Chateau wedding! If you are single I would ask  that you look to your right  and propose to the first man you see.....and then........we can order the fabulous cake!!!

I did ask Mark if we could buy the bijou apartment above the shop but his reply was a firm "non"! "This is Belgravia will be a couple of million at least!".

So I shall simply console myself with the brochure......

....whilst I await one of you to find a husband. He may be unsuitable, ugly, rude ,obnoxious, half your age, three times your age, barely alive - who cares-  but, as long as he has a pulse, it will do. Just put it out of your mind and think of the cake!

I shall fuel my addiction with the Peggy Porshen book!

A la prochaine, mes belles!

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