mercredi 7 août 2013

Buon Riposo.................yes please!!

At the brocante last weekend I was railroaded away from the stands by a very forceful old lady in a wrap around apron  who wanted to try and sell me her Grandmother`s linen.

She told me her Grandmother was Italian and  I was literally pressganged  through her front door! Once you are actually inside someone`s home it all becomes a little difficult to say " Non Merci".

 I was thinking to myself " me....I don`t want old Italian....I love old French linens".

She sat me down, well actually pressed me down into a chair and off she went to find her treasures. "I don`t do Italian" I kept thinking...."I don`t do Italian".

She returned with the most exquisite hand embroidered dowry pillowcases.


I do "DO" Italian......I do "DO" Italian!!!

I do I do I do!

Bella!!   Bellissima!!   Meravigliosa!!

Arrivederci.....ti amo!


3 commentaires:

  1. Now then, let me see ...
    1. your favourite place is Venice
    2. you're now in love with Italian linen
    3. you ended your post writing in Italian

    If I was Mark, I think I'd be getting a little bit worried - especially after all the work you've put into the Petit Chateau!

    A bientot ... sorry ... Arrivederci

  2. Hey, you are a continental woman! Italian one day, French the next, that's life! Both countries offer linen, bread and food like no other! I love it, this post is so wonderful, those linens are to die for!

  3. Beautiful linen. Does not matter where it comes from.