lundi 14 juin 2010

Billy the Spid.................

We have really annoying tiny little cars here in France that are called a "Spid". They are driven by people over the age of 110 and only if they are accompanied by both parents! They are so small that their aged owners sort of wear them as an overcoat with wheels!
Now I am not saying that they are slow as that would be giving them too much credit for speed................10 mph usually means that they are going flat out!

As well as the old beret wearing Gitaine smoking driver they are usually filled with live chickens and boxes of vegetables. I did once see a goat as a passenger as one crawled down the lane......actually the goat may have been driving!!
I have three questions...........firstly what fuel do they use?..... red wine mixed with moules mariniere?
Secondly....why is there always one in front of me?
Last but not least......will Mark end up driving one and become Billy the Spid?

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh my!!!
    We have the same problem here in Italy.
    Awful awful little "cars".

  2. I you lived in the South of Georgia, you would have a rusty one of those for a yard ornament! :)

  3. Hi Shirley, our next door neighbour has one of these in a very striking metallic grey - the go faster model maybe? When I see him going down the road he reminds me of Mr Bean and he usually has his black & white collie sitting next to him. The car is now very full.
    You can usually tell when he's been to the tabac for a drink because he drives even slower, can you imagine that, even slower than it's usual slow speed!!
    Enjoy your evening.

  4. I am afraid if Mark does not trim his walrus his fate is sealed.We might as well just call him Billy.You can be the kidd in the front seat.Hahahahaha.xoxoxotarte