lundi 21 juin 2010

George the chateau girouette................

George is the 19th century zinc weather vane "girouette" that sits on the roof of our tiny chateau....................He is fixed with a rod that comes in through the roof and is secured in the attic with a huge hand forged bolt. He has turned silently in the wind coming in from the marshes since 1838 and he is also the first thing you see when you drive down the lane.............. ( Must get someone on the roof to remove that plant from the chimney!!)

I have always thought he was a dragon but the grandson of the old lady that lived here for many years tells me it is a hippo? NO surely not!!

What do you think?

8 commentaires:

  1. Hmmmm....I think it's YOUR dragon now and it can be anything you like! ;) I want pics of someone climbing up there to get that plant out of the chimney! LOL

  2. Are you offering to go up because I have rope? LOL!!!

  3. I think he is a hippo, your chatau looks so beautiful, I envy you in france with all of the beautiful antiques, your home must be gorgeous and the hippo is so sweet! Pam in united states.

  4. Oh how I love your blog! I am so glad that I found you through my ebay adventures. We have a lot in common! Thanks for giving me the link!

    I agree that it is a dragon. I just don't see the hippo. I can see a cow, but not a hippo. I agree that it is YOUR weather vane and can be whatever you choose!


  5. LOL Sure! I'll be right over! ;)