mercredi 23 juin 2010

Chauve souris.........................

Just come home from the most wonderful relaxing picnic by the river and now I am furiously typing this blog sitting at the old patisserie counter in the cuisine. Typing with a tea towel on my head in a huge panic because a bat has just flown in through the cuisine door, done a few laps and flown off up the stairs. Mark has searched for it ( whilst I hid in the pantry!) but it has disappeared! I know it is in here somewhere and I am TERRIFIED of bats!! If it lands on me , hits me or gets in my hair I will simply die!!!! The French word for a bat is a "chauve souris" which translates as a "shaved mouse".......believe me that mouse will get more than shaved if it comes too close. What if when I get into bed and turn off the light it lands on my face in the night? What if I sleep with my mouth open and it dives in?

But back to the relaxing picnic! The riverside at Les Moitiers en Bauptois is simply divine. We arrived before the others so dressed the table with a long 19th century linen cloth, monogrammed napkins and of course a candelabra! ( as any self respecting antique textile dealer would....I do have my reputation to think of you know! ) A passing French lady said it looked beautiful and  " typiquement Anglaise!". We were even joined by a  tabby kitten!
The river was motionless and we watched the sun as it gradually set across the marsh.

Wonderful company, wonderful setting and wonderful food. It doesn`t get any better than that!
Perhaps I should go to bed in a balaclava or crash hat?

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  1. Oh Shirley, I feel your anxiety. My husband and I once lived in a big old Victorian house and one night while sleeping I woke up to hear this weird squeaking noise. I sat up and could feel a breeze blowing past my head again and again. It wasn't until my eyes adjusted to the dark that I saw it. A "shaved mouse" with wings that looked like vinyl seat covers from a 57 Chevy. I started screaming and ducked under the blankets. My husband jumped up, grabbed a nearby tennis racket and knocked the bat out of the air. He then threw the racket down on the bed, right on top of me and needless to say I lost it thinking it was the bat ! We had two more encounters with some of the deceased's family members before it finally ended. Maybe you could find an old beekeepers hat to wear ! Good luck
    Carol L