vendredi 18 juin 2010

The Friday confession.........................................Pants !!!!!

Isn`t it amazing how just a glimpse of something can take you instantly back to your childhood? Passing this shop window today made me was the pants that did it!

I hate pants with a passion..............pants, knickers, undercrackers, smalls, drawers whatever you call them I hate them!!! I cannot bear to have to wear them and if I do have to wear them I can`t wait to get home and take them off!!! I wear them if I have to go to the doctors and I wore them in 1987 when I was pregnant with my daughter Kate in case she popped out whilst I was shopping! I tell all my friends that should they find me in a crumpled heap they have to put some pants on me before the ambulance arrives.
So there is my confession! But that shop window today reminded me why I hate them so much and I do feel I have an excuse!

When I was four or five years old we lived in an old house that still has the old world war two dome shaped, corrugated iron air raid shelter in the garden. (Okay.........I`m not that old honest...don`t be so rude it was 1962) It was held together with huge nuts and bolts and was next to the washing line.
My elder sister Pam used to help me climb up on top so I could slide down the side and use it as a dare-devil slide. I can remember squealing with glee at the excitement of being so high up.
One day Pam sat me on top and went off to see her freinds. I was quite happy up there on my own until I slid off the side. My knicker elastic got caught on one of the huge bolts and I hung there for at least half an hour shouting for help but no one came. I was too small to hoist myself off so had to dangle until someone heard my cries and saved me.
So.....I feel I have an excuse. I am obviously emotionally scarred by this incident!

3 commentaires:

  1. O my gosh, I don't think I could ever go out without knickers (I wear skirts and dresses so much and am so relentlessly clumsy and accident prone that I'd be arrested for indecency after falling down in the street!) x

  2. I did once come downstairs on a bus and my skirt blew up over my face.......I never did catch that bus again and went out of my way for weeks on a different bus!!!!