mardi 8 juin 2010

The crumbling red chateau...................

If you click on the photographs below you will see the images larger and in more detail.

I have watched a beautiful hidden chateau just 5 minutes from my home slowly crumble over the years. Each winter more and more fell to the ground but she still remained proud. Imagine my horror when I was told she had been painted scarlet red as a publicity stunt by her English owners to try and sell her. I was not the only one to be shocked, the local village was up in arms and the mayor was greatly offended. I had to explain many times to French friends that it was not a normal thing that an English person would do and I actually felt quite ashamed. In the winter with the bare trees that hideous red could just be seen through the trees and I was glad when spring arrived and all the new foliage hid that terrible sight.

Imagine my delight and great relief when I drove to the gates yesterday to see that she has been repainted and a public apology attached to the gates from her owners.

And so, she still crumbles and awaits a new owner but she is now back to her old elegant self. How I long for her to be purchased and restored gently.

She may be just four good walls as the interior and roof has now crashed to the floor but she is still wonderful. I took this shot through the crack in the front door............

The old pigeonnier still stands firm with its gorgeous iron rails on the stone steps....................

She has so many delicious features....................

She has waited silently for a long, long time and can wait even longer. But at least she stands and waits elegantly again after her ordeal!!!

11 commentaires:

  1. Absolutely breathtaking! But boy what a job that would be to take on. So sad to see the interior in such disrepair.

  2. I know what you mean Tamra! I could quite happily live in the pigeonnier!!! I climbed the steps and looked inside and all the little nesting holes are still around the walls and an old staircase went up to a tiny second floor. I didn`t stay long though as the floor didn`t look too safe!!

  3. The exterior is wonderful. Like you, I could be happy in the pigeonnier. Even if someone could come in and save a front wall as tribute and rebuild all else.

  4. What a gorgeous building, I can't believe someone would actually paint her that colour and I can imagine what your French neighbours thought.
    Hopefully soon someone will come along and save her and sympathetically restore her to her full and stunning glory. I think you'd need a very deep porte-monnaie though don't you?

  5. Hi Dogsmom...that would be a wonderful solution! The pigeonnier was certainly big enough to live in!

  6. Hi Angels`s a shame one of those TV restoration programmes doesn`t get involved. I am sure many poople would love to watch the series as she came back to life. ( and I could run around in the background wearing a t shirt advertising!!)

  7. Sounds like a great idea, perhaps you should write to Mr McCloud!
    If he replies let me know I could do a bit of advertising too!!

  8. Okay!!! I can see it now, me and you on the roof in advertising t shirts!!!

  9. What a wonderful old building and so sad to see it in such a sorry state. Thank goodness the red has gone....that was criminal!
    Hope someone is brave and wealthy enough to take it on....
    Julie x

  10. We need someone really wealthy.............any ideas? Who knows Doanld Trump or Richard Branson?

  11. Oh my! How fabulous! I am in love with France right now, so my heart jumps for joy to see something this beautiful!