samedi 18 juin 2011

Betty Ford brocanting...........

Rain....rain and then more rain. Will it ever stop? No brocante today and I am now getting withdrawal symptoms! Do you think that The Betty Ford Clinic deals with a brocante addiction?

This sweet little mill has just come up for sale closeby................

Do you think you could get three floors in there? Ground floor a kitchen, middle floor a sitting room, top floor a bedroom but where would the bathroom go? Perhaps that tent would have to stay!!

I am hoping for just a little break in the rain for some Sunday treasure truffling.

5 commentaires:

  1. oh how beautiful - how many English pennies is it??

  2. Looks marvelous, but where would Spotty go? Rain here too. My pal Julie left on a jolly to Paris yesterday, so hope she gets a bit of sun while she is there or she won't be a happy bunny!
    Hope you get a dry Sunday. Abby xx

  3. Hi Tracy & Abby
    The asking price is 85,000 euros ( £75,000) but they would accept much less from what I have heard and there is some land with it too for spotty you can have 1 and a half floors each!!!

  4. What an absolutely stunning place, could do with a lovely holiday home like that. Hope the weather clears up for you Shirley and you can get out to do some truffling.
    Jo xxxx

  5. You absolutely could get a bathroom into the tower. I'd seen a a 300 square foot house with a full kitchen, bath and bedroom. Because who really needs a bathroom when you have a tower!