samedi 4 juin 2011

D-Day celebrations in Normandie

It`s going to be a crazy few days here as the D Day anniversary celebrations begin. For the last few weeks there have been an increasing number of old WWII jeeps and classic cars on the local roads - and numerous ceremonies and celebrations have been arranged. 

 Last night started with a fabulous party at a friends chambres d`hote. Frou Frou got the chance to wear  vintage along with Nev who was the oldest evacuee in town!!
There were some fabulous costumes.  I simply adored Officer Crabtree and Michelle of the "resistance" from the 'Allo Allo' TV programme.

It was quite a fun-filled evening to say the least!!
All I am going to say about my costume is that I looked like a cross between Hilda Baker and my own grandmother - and this is all I will show you!!
I may have looked hideous but at least my outfit was all genuine 1940s!!

We were also very privileged, and humbled, to meet Milt, a Normandy veteran from Missouri who had returned to France this year for the very first time since he had landed on the beaches in 1944. He was charming,  very unassuming  - and had all his faculties, including a good sense of humour. Wonderful for a man who celebrated his 92nd birthday two days ago! Here he is, sitting on the right in the picture.

Today there is an event in Coutances called "Jazz sous les pommiers" ( jazz under the apple trees). Sometime ago when Mark saw the advertisements he told me Jamie Cullum was performing here in Normandie. I told him it could not be THE Jamie Cullum, but it is! Am really looking forward to it ,so this afternoon we are off to the concert and then will rush home to get into our 40s clothes for the large D-Day party being held on the square at Ste Mere Eglise tonight.

I will try and photograph more 40s costume in the mayhem tonight!!

3 commentaires:

  1. Please - more pics Shirley! Would love to be a part of this - looks amazing, loving your fur!

  2. What a wonderful occasion, I would love to be there! Have a great time, and as Dianne said, take lots more pics! Abby xx
    ps. your rear view looks magnificent!

  3. OOOOHHH wow and double wow don't you all look fab
    lots of love xxLinda